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Personalised wall art prints and wall decor ideas for your kitchen & bathroom: myphotobook Ireland

Are you a fan of personalising your wall art and house decor by using your own pictures? If yes, myphotobook Ireland will be of great help to you, since it lets you develop your wall art ideas with little effort from your computer. Our intuitive online designer tool makes it possible for you to create impressive XXL wall pictures on canvas, classy alu-diBond, sophisticated acrylic glass, robust forex, as well as smart posters. Additionally, these original pieces of personalised wall art can be completed with a first-class frame. Have you already got the pictures you need? Then you can select the kind of wall art you want for your living room and start online.

Wall Art Ireland: Design your own personalised wall art prints

Canvas wall art: Posters, canvas, photos on aluminium DiBond and acrylic glass are some of the classiest ways to decorate your room with the least work possible. Designing your personalised wall art as easy as this: you start designing your home decor online, select a personalised picture and hang it up on your wall. Then you can either use a hook to put it up or stick it with adhesive tape if it’s a poster. Say you’ve got tired of looking at the same things in your kitchen: you could just as well get a picture of the colourful market you saw during your last trip to Peru printed on a wall canvas. Or is it maybe your bedroom that’s looking a bit dull? Then take a really good picture with your partner to make it look livelier in a personalised poster. Boring bathroom? Put up a refreshing picture of the seaside in Wales on acrylic glass and aluminium Dibond and change the atmosphere! You can make your own wall art prints online easy and fast!

A variety of photo wall art ideas including XXL canvas prints

Wall Art Ireland - Isn’t it boring to have to look at the same framed pictures every day of your life?  Your wall art items or home decor are still missing a personalised touch? Unfortunately not everybody is born with Picasso’s or Vang Gogh’s talent for painting or earns enough to pay for original works of art by real artistas. But let’s be honest about this: who doesn’t have at least a few landscape snapshots from last summer  holidays? Didn’t you capture some nice blossoms near the city center in an unusual light? Aren’t there some very good photos saved on your computer that you managed to take by yourself? In that case you meet all the requirements to be able to design your own personalised wall art pieces online. With myphotobook Ireland you won’t need any software nor designing lessons. Simply select your XXL picture, upload it to our online designer, arrange it as you like and add it to the shopping basket. In a few days your personal piece of art will be delivered to you at home! Now, who’s Picasso? myphotobook transforms you in a real artists within a few clicks, so that you can design your canvas wall prints for family and friends.

Wall art ideas for your living room - Wall Art Ireland

  • Poster: It’s the classical wall picture. Quickly printed, easy to put up and highly adaptable - these are only a few of the many advantages of posters, that turn them into one of the most popular wall art ideas. Indeed, a teenager’s room isn’t complete until it gets a poster of some rockstar. Posters also accompany us into our adult life at home in the form art prints, for example from an exhibition. However, myphotobook Ireland doesn’t only allow you to order posters, but actually design your personal wall decor. For this reason, we have more than 100 different sizes available for you to pick, from a small square 20x20cm size (8x8 inches) to a 300x100cm or  240x80cm o XXL wall picture format. To make sure they create the desired effect, myphotobook posters are printed on 250 g/m2 high quality photographic paper. In order to produce a successful personalised wall art piece, we don’t only process your pictures digitally, but also develop them and print them on photo paper. Enjoy while designing them online and decide then if you would like them to be a personalised christmas gift or a part of your customised DIY home decor.
  • Canvas prints: Canvas has been traditionally used by visual artists to produce their artworks. By printing your photos on canvas you also share the same traditional method. In this particular case you won’t be buying someone else’s picture, but instead use your own photos to print them on canvas and stretched over a wedge. Congratulations- your photo wall art piece is made! myphotobook Ireland prints out your picture in more than 70 different formats. These wall pictures make an ideal Christmas photo gift, a personalised birthday or wedding present. XXL size photo canvas can be an impressive contribution when your friends are moving into a new flat. In case you want to give your canvas wall art pieces an elegant look, a shadow frame is a magnificent fit. The gap that separates the canvas from the frame creates exciting shades and 3D effects when hung up on the wall. Start now giving shape to your photo canvas online with myphotobook Ireland!
  • A photo printed on aluminium DiBond or laid under acrylic glass. Probably the most glamorous wall picture format is the one that is processed on aluminium DiBond. In this procedure your pictures will be first developed and printed on premium photographic paper and then pasted onto a composite aluminium sheet. This metallic background makes your images appear as a timeless elegant pictures. An alternative to aluminium Dibond is acrylic glass printing. These personalised wall art prints get a transparent 3mm layer of acrylic glass which increases the colour brilliance and provides a protection against UV rays, pollution and humidity. Both alu DiBond and acrylic glass wall prints are certainly delivered with a hook to hang them up.
  • Forex prints: The big advantage of forex wall prints is how little they weigh, they are even in XXL format. The reason for this is that we print them on a light but resistant layer of rigid foam. Therefore it provides a beautiful and good value solution for your DIY wall decor.

Wall Art Ireland: Frequently asked questions about personalised wall art & canvas prints

In this section we would like to answer to the most common questions about personalised home decor and wall art ideas:

  • What does lamination mean?  A laminated layer consists of several different materials that have been assembled. In framing technique, lamination means actually stretching a picture over a certain material, whilst an additional sheet is stuck at the bottom. The developed picture will be stuck together with the bottom layer. The composite structure makes it more resistant and robust. Lamination technique is used for example for alu Dibond printing.
  • What’s direct printing? In direct printing the colours are processed onto a bottom layer and then dried and solidified using UV light. The colours don’t penetrate directly into the material, as inkjet printing. Direct printing makes it possible for myphotobook Ireland to produce big wall prints, as for example XXL posters or forex panels.
  • How many pixels should my picture have? For large size wall prints it is recommendable to pick pictures with a very high resolution. You want to see that beautiful sunset or panorama picture with as much detail as possible, instead of big XXL size wall prints with blurry images. To find out how many pixels your need for a picture size, you will need to convert pixels into centimeters. According to a standard formula: the size in cm x dpi amount/ 2.54 = size in pixels; And size in pixels x 2.54 / dpi amount = size in cms. If you have any doubts, you can find many converters in the Internet.
  • Which colour format is best to get my images printed in? When you’re editing pictures on your screen you are normally using RGB colours. You can use this colour standard when creating a poster, but for objects and accessories CMYK is more recommendable so as to guarantee that the original colours are reproduced. Although a screen can displays millions of different colours, many nuances escape to human eyes. For this reason CMYK is generally used for printing, avoiding many RGB colour tones.
  • What sizes are available for large personalised wall art pieces? Myphotobook Ireland allows you to create and order online your personalised canvas, posters, real-photo posters, pictures on acrylic glass and aluminium with your own pictures. All articles are available in small, middle and large sizes.
  • How can I hang my photo prints up on the wall? There are many different ways of putting up a photo wall print. For canvas you can order an additional practical hook on myphotobook. Pictures on aluminium Dibond are already provided with a hook. With big wall art prints for your living room above 100 cm length it will be necessary to use a wall plug.
  • Is there any way to hang up a 300 x 100 cm poster without creasing it? One of the best ways to stick a poster to a wall is to use so-called PowerStrips. If you’re printing an XXL poster you will surely need a frame, to stop it from getting creased once it’s up on the wall. It’s smart to use stretching frames or poster bars to attach the poster at the top and bottom. If in turn, you’re looking for an elegant alternative to XXL wall prints that stay free from creases, you can pick forex pictures: you will get a light, resistant surface and good value for your money.

We hope that all this information is of good use to you.  For further questions or if you need help to find original wall art ideas, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Start now: create XXL size personalised pictures for your living room online. However, if you would like to give shape to different photo gift ideas, try now our personalised calendars, photo prints, and personalised photo books!