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Two-colour Mug

From €14.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
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  • Dishwasher suitable
  • Full-volume capacity: 300 ml
  • 5 year mug guarantee
  • Assortment: Left/ right handed
  • Available in many colours
Two-colour Mug

The morning makes the day! The two-colour mug brings a good mood and wonderful moments to every grey and dreary morning. This way, even morning grouches start the day with optimism! Designed with your most beautiful photos and terrific backgrounds on the outside, and one of six cheerfully-colourful colours inside and on the handle. Simply upload photos, create it online with the simple design tool and quickly order - and so, your colourful mug is directly on its way to your kitchen cupboard!

All the details for your photo mug:

  • Full-volume capacity: 300 ml
  • Colour: Yellow, Bright Green, Bright Blue, Antique Pink, Red, Black, Dark Green, Bordeaux, Dark Blue, Lavender and Orange
  • Material: high-quality ceramic (outside white, inside coloured), Duraglaze for the purist while and highest colour brilliance
  • Panorama option: your photo displayed (almost) around the entire photo mug (available at an additional price)
  • Production: sublimation printing
  • Hint: 5 year mug guarantee
  • Tip: Dishwasher-suitable

Print data for your photo mug:

Photo Mug portrait format:

  • Print area: 7,5 x 5,8 cm 
  • Resolution: 886 x 685 Pixel (maximum), 295 x 228 Pixel (minimum)

Photo Mug landscape format:

  • Print area: 9,8 x 7,5 cm 
  • Resolution: 1157 x 886 Pixel (maximum), 386 x 295 Pixel (minimum) 

Photo Mug panorama format:

  • Print area: 19,0 x 9,5 cm 
  • Resolution: 2244 x 1122 Pixel (maximum), 748 x 374 Pixel (minimum)
Two-colour MugPrices
Photo Mug antique pink €14.99
Photo Mug antique pink panorama €18.99
Photo Mug black €14.99
Photo Mug black panorama €18.99
Photo Mug bordeaux €14.99
Photo Mug bordeaux panorama €18.99
Photo Mug dark blue €14.99
Photo Mug dark blue panorama €18.99
Photo Mug dark green €14.99
Photo Mug dark green panorama €18.99
Photo Mug green €14.99
Photo Mug green panorama €18.99
Photo Mug lavender €14.99
Photo Mug lavender panorama €18.99
Photo Mug light blue €14.99
Photo Mug light blue panorama €18.99
Photo Mug orange €14.99
Photo Mug orange panorama €18.99
Photo Mug red €14.99
Photo Mug red panorama €18.99
Photo Mug yellow €14.99
Photo Mug yellow panorama €18.99
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Ireland €5.95 3 Days
Austria €9.95 2 Days
Belgium €9.95 2 Days
Denmark €9.95 2 Days
France €9.95 3 Days
Germany €9.95 2 Days
Italy €9.95 3 Days
Luxembourg €9.95 2 Days
Netherlands €9.95 2 Days
Spain €9.95 3 Days
Sweden €9.95 2 Days
Switzerland €26.95 2 Days
United Kingdom €9.95 3 Days
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