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Scrapbook ideas – The best tips for the new trend

Scrapbook Ideen

A scrapbook? Tell me, what is that?

Scrapbooks are perfect for anyone who loves being creative. Simply stick your photos into the scrapbook and decorate the pages with stickers, sayings and lots more. This way, you’ll create an exceptional place for your memories.

Scrapbooking – how does it actually work? The beauty of scrapbooking is that anyone can simply get started straight away. Take your favourite photos and our scrapbook set and just let loose. This way you can create your own scrapbook, also known as a smash book, with many individual pages and so produce a home for those memories which you always like to return to. The variety of individual craft supplies in our scrapbook set ensures that you will never run out of scrapbook ideas. Besides, this memory book is infinitely expandable. Simply buy insert sheets, retro prints or other components later and use these to expand your scrapbook. On this page, you’ll find the best design ideas as well as tips on the various scrapbook layouts. With our three scrapbooking templates – ‚Baby‘, ‚Travel‘ and ‚Trend‘ – there’s sure to be something there for you, too. You’d like to find out more information about making a scrapbook and the elements you need for this? Then click here

This is what you find in your Scrapbook Set

What do you receive in a scrapbook set? Everything in one package! You can check out all of the individual components in more detail by simply clicking on the respective plus sign on each graphic.


You will find everything for a perfectly decorated baby scrapbook in our ‘Baby’ scrapbooking deco box. The 273 scrapbooking elements inside allow for wonderful decoration of your baby album. The pastel tone is neutral enough that you can personally design your scrapbook no matter whether it’s for a boy or a girl. The sweet designs like butterflies and stars, the ornaments with silver foil and glitter, and also the baby sayings make the baby scrapbook set particularly charming.


The trend scrapbooking deco box holds a total of 350 pieces and is universally designed to suit any scrapbook. With a wide range of various pennant chains, stickers, deco cards and Washi Tapes (some of which are decorated with gold foil), there will be no limits to your creativity. Popular patterns such as triangles, zigzags, diamonds and stripes, as well as unicorns, cactuses, pineapples, feathers and ice cream are fantastic for jazzing up the look of any scrapbook.


Wanderlust guaranteed! Create your own scrapbook with the best holiday memories. With the 355 pieces of the travel scrapbooking deco box, you can create a terrifically creative travel journal. Deco cards, Washi Tapes, pennant chains and more than 300 varied stickers let that lovely summer feeling come back in an instant. The stickers come in red, green and blue, as well as some decorated with silver foil and great patterns like the sun, world maps, fish, suitcases and ships.

The best layout ideas for your Scrapbook

How does a scrapbook look when it’s finished? We have sharpened our pencils and laid our scissors at the ready. The result: a heap of pages brimming with creativity that should give you some inspiration.

Order your myphotobook Scrapbook here

Order your scrapbook set easily with myphotobook. Your creative set contains everything you need to get started straight away. Here you can choose between the scrapbook set with 3 variations and the scrapbook set light.

Scrapbook Set

  • Create your own completely individual scrapbook
  • 3 great themes are available
  • Every set contains a scrapbooking album, scrapbooking paper, retro prints and the scrapbooking deco box, consisting of card, stickers and Washi Tape

Scrapbook Set Light

  • The beginners’ set, for all those wanting to individualise their photo book
  • Print your photos in the quick photo book and choose between 3 versions of the scrapbook set light
  • Then spruce up the single pages with the scrapbooking deco box

Our video shows how it works

Scrapbooks are wonderful things because you can simply let your creativity run wild. All of your design ideas will find their place inside. If you nevertheless need a little inspiration, you’re in the right place: Our video will give you some first insights into scrapbooking layouts and fantastic scrapbooking ideas.

SCRAPBOOK What is that?

This new trend is perfect for all of those who like to be creative. Fill your scrapbook with heaps of memories and ideas. And then enjoy them over and over again. Stick photos and stickers onto the special scrapbook paper, write suitable messages to accompany them and decorate everything with Washi Tape and funny sayings. This is incredibly easy with the special layouts from myphotobook because everything that you need is already there. With this, you can get started immediately and create a scrapbook for yourself as a personal memory, or as a present for a special person.

SCRAPBOOK What do I need?

Actually, not much. The great thing about the scrapbook sets from myphotobook is that they contain all of the scrapbooking accessories that you need. When you buy the beginner set, you receive the Quick A4 Landscape Photo album and a scrapbooking deco box. In the Advanced scrapbook set, you get a scrapbooking album 30 x 30cm, 10 single pages, 22 retro prints and a scrapbooking deco box. Both models are available in three versions: Trend, Baby and Travel. In the scrapbooking template "Trend", there is a total of 350 elements, the scrapbooking template for the theme "Baby" contains 220 single pieces, and the "Travel" scrapbooking template even includes 361 pieces.

SCRAPBOOK How do I start?

After you have decided for and received one of our scrapbooking templates, you can get started straight away. Consider what you would like to write and first lay out all the materials just how you would like to include them. When you more or less know how your page should look, you can begin to paste in the individual elements. You’ll receive the right scrapbooking paper from us. Be bold, simply try a few things out, and soon you’ll have the hang of it. We wish you lots of fun with the new trend of scrapbooking!


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