Photo year planner A2

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  • 300 gsm high-quality paper for inkjet printing
  • Packed in the shape of a roll
  • Customisable with cliparts and backgrounds

Photo year planner A2

The entire year in overview! A year planner belongs in every office. But don't just hang a promotional giveaway planner on the wall this new year; create a cosy environment in your office with a self-designed year planner.

Main features of our personalised calendars::

  • Calendar pages: one customisable calendar page
  • Format: A2 landscape (59.4 x 42.0 cm, 23.39 x 16.54" approx)
  • Resolution requirements: 5940 x 4200 pixels (preferred), 2339 x 1654 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 59.4 x 42.0 cm (23.4 x 16.5")
  • Material: high-quality inkjet printing paper
  • Production technique: premium digital print technology
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Photo year planner A2
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2020 year planner with A2 size

An A2 year planner (23.39 x 16.53") is arguably the biggest available format for a wall planner. As opposed to a personalised wall calendar, in which the pictures play a central role, in this one-page A2 planner the grid with the months and dates takes up most of the space. Appart from showing a general overview of the whole year, in this poster-size calendar there is plenty of room for leaving notes and comments, as well as marking relevant dates. Despite their huge printing surface, A2 wall planners can be acquired at a very cheap price. They even work out cheaper when ordering two or more at the same time, since you pay the delivery fee for only one.

For more personalised wall calendars in A2 size, please check the following:

  • A2 wall calendar portrait,
  • A2 wall calendar landscape,
  • A2 folding calendar.

Make an economic A2 year planner for your office

You will be surprised to see how easy is is to make an A2 year planner with your own pics. Because the pictures you choose will be seen during the whole year in the office, it is smart to upload images that create a positive atmosphere, for example pictures of a summer party at work or of people smiling. Appart from the usual staff meetings that belong to the usual activity of a company, remember to add your colleague's birthdays and holidays. Since an A2 yearly planner is indeed an economic calendar to make, not only is it a useful object to put up in your office, but also at home. In this sense, a big kitchen photo calendar may be an interesting personalised wall calendar format. The main difference is the space that each of them takes up: A2 demands a big horizontal wall surface, whereas the big kitchen calendar takes up a 21 x 42 cm space and the smaller one measures 9.5 x 42 cm.

Use your pics to design a big personalised year planner

A personalised year planner is always more special than the standard one that you can buy in any stationary shop. The design can be customised with 50 different backgrounds, frames, cliparts, fonts and graphic filters. With the help of the text function, you can insert witty phrases or insert notes before having it printed.

Once the planner is finished, make sure to check what it will look like by switching over to preview mode. If you are happy with it, simply add it to the shopping trolley and complete the order by specifying the delivery address and adding further details. There are three possible ways to pay on myphotobook's online calendar shop: PayPal, credit card and money transfer. Your personalised year planner will arrive after only some days.

A2 planners as a personalised gift

Do you have a friend who usually arrives late or is a bit forgetful about dates? Then, a present of a personalised 2020 year planner, for example at Christmas, will be definitely a great help for that person. If you add nice pictures of both of you, it will become a nice reminder and a thoughtful gift. Should the person in question have limited space on the wall at home, instead of an A2 planner we recommend having a look at the smaller A3 year planner.