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Silk paper printing with a satin finish

Silk paper is the combination of a smooth surface, a pearly look and a scratch-proof paper structure, which is often refered to as "lustre paper", "matte photo paper", "semi-gloss" or paper with a "satin finish". Sturdy yet flexible and stunningly beautiful, matte photo paper is highly resistant to creasing. One of the first things that you will spot when you see silk printing paper is its pleasant texture and clear image reproduction. Matte photo paper (lustre paper) used by myphotobook is inspired on traditional Kitakata Washi Japanese paper.  Due to its tactile quality and strength, this special type of paper has been used for many different purposes, such as manufacturing photo books and other artworks. Silky luster sheets are therefore a popular type of fabric for producing fine art and is often found in art exhibitions. By getting your pictures printed on luster paper with myphotobook, you benefit from  a 70-year guarantee to light exposure.

Matte vs glossy - which one should I pick?

On one hand, a glossy finish is generally supposed to be more impressive, although there are pictures for which it is really not the ideal solution. On the other, a plain matte picture may be lacking that "little something" to be enhancedSemi-gloss paper offers an in-between solution with a much higher resolution than a standard inkjet print and less glare than photographic paper sheets. In this way, the light doesn't interfere with the picture, regardless from the angle it is viewed from. At the same time, the colours on the picture look as warm and vivid as in silver halide prints (developed pictures)

A silk quality to preserve your fondest memories

Pictures are full of emotions that deserve to be preserved. Silk printing intensifies these emotions and spotlights your life most meaningful moments. Find the right place for them at home - above the TV or up on your shelves - so that they can be admired every day of the year. Use our photo printing online software to immortalise pictures of your family & friends, your honeymoon, school graduation, birthday celebrations and many more occasions.

Lustre & matte photo paper

A further advantage of choosing lustre photo paper is that it avoids finger prints. If photographic sheets with a glossy finish normally need to be handled very carefully - so that they don't get dirty - matte photo paper is less delicate, but mantains a refined and noble look. The greatest romantic snaps of your wedding or pictures of your newborn baby in pastel tones look good on matte photo paper. Also pictures for a book cover or that are exposed to light are good choice for this paper type, since they won't be so shiny.

Choose the ideal size for your silk prints

Our matte photo paper is available for portrait, landscape and square photo printing. Please note that the same rectangular format can be used both for portrait and landscape captions (you just need to turn around the picture). These are the available sizes for silk printing:
  • square 13x13 cm , 15x15 cm, 20x20 cm,
  • portrait or landscape:  5x30 cm, 9x13 cm, 10x13 cm, 10x15 cm, 11x20 cm, 11x15 cm, 13x17 cm, 13x18 cm, 15x20 cm, 15x21 cm, 13x25 cm, 13x30 cm.
Hint: Because of the delivery fee, you may be interested in ordering several copies of a same photo or try a variety of smaller and larger formats.

Photo printing online with a matte or glossy finish

Enjoy all the advantages of myphotobook Ireland's professional photo printing online services. Print photos online with a glossy, semi-gloss or matte finish to fit your photographic project. From small mini prints to large photo posters and personalised wall art, all creative possibilities are open to you. Transform them into fashionable retro prints or classy lustre photo prints. Design personalised photo gifts for your loved ones at any stage of they year: Christmas, birthdays, weddings, Easter, Mother's Day and many more.