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  1. Poster on genuine photographic paper

    Poster on genuine photographic paper
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Make a poster to immortalise your greatest memories

If everybody knew how much fun it is to make a poster online and how professional the result is when done with myphotobook's poster maker, personalised posters would be simply filling the walls in every house. Because a photograph captures a true and unique moment in time - which cannot be repeated - the fact of transforming it into a photo poster holds a special magic and certainly a very personal meaning for you and everybone. To make your personal poster creation happen, we have prepared a variety of exciting visual ressources, such as customisable backgrounds, cliparts, art filters, design templates and a text function. A further advantage of making a poster online is that you can save your drafts and continue working on them at some other stage. For this, you will have to create a personal session on our site or download our free tool on to your computer. One of the vital aspects to make a successful poster with your own photos is providing enough image resolution for the chosen poster size. Once the picture has been uploaded, our software will let you know if it actualy meets the resolution requirements. If not, you will be asked to select a different picture, resize it or choose another poster printing size. To avoid blurry pictures, all images used to design a poster with myphotobook Ireland should be provided in sRGB format. Our software will then turn them into CMYK colour model. Let your imagination guide you, experiment with different formats (square, landscape or portrait) and create your own posters in only a few minutes.

A photo poster printed on high-gloss photographic sheets

Photo posters printed on photographic sheets represent the highest quality level in personalised posters. By using Fuji Supreme silver halide colour paper, the genuine and nostalgic look of a real photograph is obtained.  Photo processing is indeed a classical technique that enhances colour brilliancedepth and gloss. Photo posters available on our website can be also printed with a matte finish: this will make fingerprints, stains and reflections less obvious. Moreover, developing the picture makes the final visual appearance more even and stable, as well as reducing the image resolution requirements. Photo posters printed with myphotobook have a 70-year manufacturer's warranty for light exposure, which means the colours won't fade.

How a photo poster is made

Compared to digitally printed posters , where each pixel is reproduced as a single dot, chemical reactions are involved in producing a photo poster. This silver-halide technique provides a much higher resolution and colour reproduction, which makes the picture appear as a real scene with a variety shades and colour tones. Hence, photo poster printing is an ideal and very affordable method to get your images from last travel holidays, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries and special occasions with the highest quality. Just upload your pictures, select a suitable size, add any decorative elements and place your order comfortably online. Hint: if your personalised poster is meant to display some text, we recommend designing a plain poster, instead of a photo poster. In this way, the fonts will be easier to distinguish and will show up better.  In case you have more specific questions or if you need assistance to find the right combination of printing technique, size and paper, do write us an e-mail or call our technical hotline.

Personalised posters are always original

Impress your family and friends by making an original and  personalised poster: just imagine their faces when they get to recognise a situation or special occasion which they also presenced. Custom printed posters connect people with shared memories and messages. Not only the picture printed on the poster can be personalised: also the way you put up the wall print depends on your personal preferences and given space. Instead of pinning them up on the wall or using adhesive tape, you can hang them up as foam core mounted prints (Forex- PVC). Poster mounting makes your photo posters keep better and offers a very affordable solution, accessible for all budgets. If protecting your self-designed posters is something you would like to consider, we recommend visiting our canvas prints, acrylic photo blocks, aluminium prints, aluminium mounted prints with an aluminium Dibond backing or framed prints.

Custom poster sizes

If we buy a poster in a shop, we have no choice but to take the sizes that are available. In contrast, when you make a poster with myphotobook Ireland and order it online, you can choose from a wide range of sizes in 10 cm-intervals (from 20x30 cm to the largest posters in 50x75 cm size). With this great variety of custom sizes, you are sure to find the right format for your personalised posters: natural landscapes, beautiful artistic buildings that you saw your during last trip abroad or powerful group pictures of your family and children will decorate your house walls with class. Bring new colour into those bare rooms and corners!

Poster wall art & personalised photo gifts

Photo poster wall art also makes an  original photo gift idea for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Father's & Mother's Day, weddings or as a birthday present for him & her. For instance, you can immortalise your baby's first days of life with a dazzling photo poster. Since they are so cheap to make, you can offer a copies to your parents, friends and your closest relatives. Instead of abandoning your best captions and powerful life moments in a computer folder, you can make the best out of them and bring them back to life in the form of personalised wall art. One single picture is enough to design your own poster online, although it is also possible to combine several of them in one sheet, as in a photo collage. You don't need to have previous experience nor any special talent to produce a nice piece of personalised wall art that everybody can admire. Personalised photo gifts are the best way to show how much care about the other person: they are unique, irreplaceable and imaginative. Print photos online with myphotobook Ireland: upload your pictures, try out our different patterns and have your personalised photo poster delivered at home in only a few days!