Photo clock round

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  • Clock hand available in black or white
  • Thickness 3mm / Diameter
  • Material: Forex or acrylic glass
  • Batteries included in order (AA)

Photo clock round

The time is now! With our individually designable photo clock made from Forex, a light, but high-quality hard-foam sheet, you can enjoy your favourite photos around the clock - in the truest sense of the words. No matter if it's a personal photo present, or simply an ornament for the house – with this unique photo clock you will be reminded of your loveliest experiences with your loved ones, or the dream holiday from last summer, day after day, hour after hour and minute after minute. The clock is ticking...

All the details for your photo clock:

  • Format: round (diameter 26 cm)
  • Material: available in 4 mm thick Forex sheet or 4 mm thick acrylic glass
  • Print area: 26.0 x 26.0 cm 
  • Resolution: 2047 x 2047 pixels (maximum), 1024 x 1024 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: Batteries are included with your delivery
  • Tip: The clock hand is available in black or white
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Photo clock round Forex
Photo clock round acrylic
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Round personalised clocks with photos

Personalised clocks are the living proof that times are changing. Round wall clocks have got tired of always reminding you that you're late for your next appointmentModern personalised clocks have now turned more sophisticated and want to be sincerely admired. As a result of this evolution, custom clocks have developed the capacity to display genuine pictures and funny texts on their surface. Beautiful photos from exotic summer holidays, family portraits and selfies are custom printed onto these personalised clocks with a round shape. As a result, they've become real experts in decorating the walls of your kitchen, bedroom or living with a funky style.

Personalised clocks & funky wall clocks with rounded shapes

Compared to the classical round clock, personalised clocks allow a great freedom of choice. They're pure DIY clocks. First of all, it is possible to select a round or square photo clock. Next, you can pick the type of material for making them, with a choice of acrylic glass or PVC-forex. Indeed, personalised clocks made of forex are much lighter than wall clocks made of acrylic. However, acrylic glass offers top picture reproductionricher colours and great depth. Both materials are suitable for making funky wall clocks for different kinds of rooms.

Even the colour of the hour hands can be customised. The pointer is available in white or black, to create contrast with the background design. Last, you can choose to have a round wall clock with numbers or without them. If you leave out the so-called clock face, the pictures will have more space to be displayed, as they won't be interfering with the numbers.

Funky wall clocks for a bedroom

If you've already found a great picture for making your new and funky wall clock, it is recommendable to have a first look at the room where you are planning to put it up. Although a round wall clock has a harmonious shape, you may have other square elements on your wall which don't necessarily match with it. The best place for hanging up funky wall clocks printed with your ow pictures is usually a narrow wall. In this way, they don't interfere with other shapes.

Once you have found the perfect place, imagine what the image will look like when it appears on the surface of the wall clock. This will help you find some connection and similarities with other elements from your wall décor.

Make your own clock

If you look up at your clock, you will be probably want to know what time it is as fast as possible. For this reason, when you make your own clock, it is important to avoid backgrounds that distract the eye from the pointer and the numbers. Regarding the pictures, for making a round wall clock you will need a minimum resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels, although the best results are obtained with a 2047 x 2047 resolution. If you aren't 100% sure about the resolution, simply upload the picture to myphotobook's editor and any low-resolution pictures will be highlighted.

Finally, there is a huge range of graphic resources available to make your own personalised clocks. A big gallery of cliparts, frames, backgrounds, fonts and graphic filters help you put your own ideas into practice. To review any changes, remember to check the final result in preview mode.

Personalised clocks and photo gifts

When offered as a gift to someone else, personalised clocks are traditionally given at a wedding or housewarming party. However, nothing stops you from using them as  funky photo gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day. For more housewarming gift ideas, please check:

  • photo magnets
  • photo mugs
  • personalised door mats
  • personalised place mats
  • personalised chopping board
  • photo cushions
  • personalised cereal bowl
  • personalised playing cards from MyMemory