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Photo calendar 47x47: admire your memories in a square calendar

Creating a photo calendar with a collection of personal pictures has pretty much become a widespread family tradition in Ireland. As the manufacturing industry of personalised gifts has developed, the designing methods have also become more refined. As a result, the available designing tools have started to include new and original features. In fact, one of the most popular photo calendars is the square calendar, which myphotobook Ireland offers in a 47 x 47 cm format (18.5 x 18.5"). The current price of this XXL square personalised wall calendar is of £32.99. If you have already used myphotobook before, then you probably have experienced the joy in creating a photo calendar or a photobook. Since this process is performed online, making your own 47 x 47 photo calendar indeed becomes a lot more simple.

Make your own calendar + add a glossy finish

In a 47 x 47 calendar, all 12 pages have been especially prepared to hold special memories from holidays, as well as significant life events and make them shine on your walls. If you would like to achieve a more polished appearance, we recommend adding a glossy finish, which you can get for your calendar by paying only a small extra fee of £4.

How to make your own square calendar

Thanks to our online calendar maker, creating your own 47 x 47 calendar and all sorts of personalised calendars will be very easy. Photo calendars are also a good solution to bring some variety in your everyday life, since all monthly calendar sheets can be personalised.  The keys to making a successful square photo calendar are:
  • having a clear structure, which you can already define on your desktop's folder.
  • providing sufficient image resolution - myphotobook's software will warn you should you need to perform changes
  • avoiding to overload the pages with too many cliparts and text. Remember: less is more!
  • double checking the final result in pre-view mode
Appart from designing your calendar online, an offline software version can be downloaded to your computer for free. If you decide to create a photo calendar with our free-download version you will enjoy a greater variety of templates and will have the possibility to save your projects on your desktop. In any event, you can contact our team of specialists by calling the customer service line. We hope you enjoy making your 2019 photo calendar as much as we do!

A large photo calendar in 47x47 size

Only high-quality materials and printing techniques will be used to create your 47 x 47 cm photo calendar. myphotobook prints 47 x 47 calendars on digital print sheets, which are then assembled using an aluminium spiral binding. Since your XXL 47 x 47 photo calendar will be printed with premium digital technologies, the best image quality will be preserved. Hence, you will enjoy a personalised calendar with excellent image quality. Nevertheless, the final result will also depend on the quality of the photos you have chosen. Please bear in mind that many of the smartphones that are available in the market provide a very poor resolution. Real visual quality may be quite different when viewed on your computer. In order to avoid any last-minute surprises, check the quality of the device you are using.

A square photo calendar will inspire you every day of the year

Take the chance to design a 47 x 47 photo calendar and use a different picture for each season: a Christmas scene for December, photos of holidays in July, flowers in May are themes that always work in a personalised wall calendar.

Get started now and make your own calendar

Do you need some help or inspiration for your photo calendar? Try asking your children or any people around you. By letting them participate in your photographic project, they will then enjoy it even more when they see it hanging up on the wall. Should you be looking for cheaper calendar types, then check out our A5 photo calendars or personalised desk calendars!