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40x40 photo calendar is all that bare corner needs

Photographs are indeed always full with life and magic - the magic of moments that will never come back, but at least survive in those photographic captures. As a matter of fact, you don't really need to do much to create a masterpiece with them, just find the right format. Indeed, a 40x40 cm photo calendar (aproximately 16 x 16 ") is one of those versatile square calendar formats that easily fill up any wall space. A 40 x 40 photo calendar can be made in December as the main house calendar or be offered to someone special as a present. Personalised calendars will stimulate your creativity in every routine and be also admired both by friends and relatives.

What makes a square calendar so special

Square size photo calendars are especially practical for a couple of reasons: for instance, with a 40x40 cm personalised wall calendar you can set a different focus for the pictures and eventually change the viewer's perspective. You may also have some really charming pictures - like a stunning smile or a funny scene - in which certain details at the image border could be disturbing the central theme. By resizing it, you will be able to keep the beauty of your favourite photos and make them look nice and tidy. Please note that myphotobook's custom calendars are also available as 30x30 calendars20x20 photo calendars and bigger formats such as A2 and A3.

Make your own 40x40 calendar with a variety of themes

Start now creating your 40x40 photo calendar with myphotobook's online calendar maker. Our calendar templates are suitable for the following themes:
  • nature
  • babies
  • holidays
  • love
  • modern design
All twelve calendar sheets plus the cover photo - that is thirteen sheets - are customisable. Pictures can be either displayed over the entire 40x40cm calendar surface or resized to fit several ones into the same sheet in a sort of photo collage. Our free software offers you a wide range of creative possibilities to make your own 40x40 photo calendar online. Here are a few hints:
  • try out different layouts to find the most suitable one,
  • insert cliparts that fit the calendar theme,
  • add further effects, like frames and ornaments,
  • combine contrasting colours and patterns at the background,
  • tell the story behind the picture scenes with pieces of text.
In preview mode you can check again the final result for your 40x40 photo calendar. If necessary, go back and perform the any changes you consider important.

A colourful square photo calendar for 2020

A square photo calendar is the perfect way to bring a new and fresh atmosphere into a room, since each month will shine with a new picture. In an 2020 personalised calendar you will need to select a picture for each season: a photo of your winter ski holidays, your first spring picknick up on the hills, your summer beach stay or beautiful colourful autumn leaves connect your personal memories with inspiring themes. Make your own 40x40 calendar for 2020 online and start imagining where it could look nice in your house. Of course, you can also design a calendar and offer it to someone as a gift. myphotobook Ireland will deliver at any address within the Ireland!

Design a 40 x 40 calendar with a glossy finish

Once you have made your 40 x 40 photo calendar, you can consider adding a high-gloss film. In this way, the calendar will shine with dazzling photos, and will be also protected from liquids. Should you be thinking of making a photo calendar for your bathroom or kitchen, a glossy finish will keep the quality of the sheets and pictures. Your unique 40 x 40 calendar will illluminate your walls throughout the entire year.

Where can you make a 40 x 40 photo calendar online?

myphotobook Ireland allows you to create exclusive photo calendars online in an easy and inexpensive way. However, there are many other suitable formats and sizes for your pictures. If you need a bigger photo calendar, have a look at our 47 x 47 calendars!