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Create a square 30x30 photo calendar by yourself

As people have continued to discover and develop their artistic side, making photo calendars has definitely become the fashion in the last years. Because calendars can be now created with no effort online, no previous designing experience is required to produce a personalised calendar. DIY (do-it-yourself) is an expression that can be applied to 30x30 cm photo calendars and to many other custom printed articles and personalised gifts. Maybe you don't feel that confident about your creative and designing skills. Or you may think it is just too difficult for someone who hasn't done it before. But if you give it a try, you will soon realise how easily your own ideas can be turned into personalised photo gifts. Of course, the easier the more enjoyable it becomes: once you are inside the designing environment and start to enjoy making your 30x30 personalised wall calendar, you will automatically become creative.

Square photo calendars support portrait & landscape pictures

Once that barrier has disappeared, the next question that pops up concerns space orientation: should you take a portrait or landscape-oriented? How about something in between? A 30x30 square photo calendar (almost 12x12 inches) works at the same time for portrait snapshots and landscape or panoramic pictures. Square photo calendars allow you to resize your pictures and have them all in the same format. Furthermore, two different types of 30x30 photo calendars can be found on myphotobook Ireland:
  • real photo calendars on Fuji photographic paper for maximum picture quality.
  • 30x30 photo calendar: produced with digital print techniques and therefore cheaper;
You can create a 30x30 cm calendar for 2020 online, take your time to go over the result and improve it. Unless the photo calendar has been alreay added to the shopping basket and the paying details have been filled in, using our online calendar maker is completely free and you won't be committing to buying anything yet.

Your photographic project in a 30x30 photo calendar

Collecting a series of good pictures to design a 30x30 photo calendar may also take you some time; even more so if the you intend to tell a story in its different phases. If you wish to design it step by step, as you ask your friends and relatives to lend you their pictures, make sure to use our free-download software or create a personal session at the upper-right section of our website. Check your computer hard disk, e-mails, cameras, USB memory sticks and any storage spaces.

myphotobook helps you make your 30x30cm  calendar

If you have any questions our doubts about implementing your own photo calendar ideas, feel free to contact our customer service's hotline or simply write us an e-mail or on the live chat. There are no more excuses: making a 30x30 calendar is accessible for everyone who starts our online calendar maker. Making it by yourself is a lot easier than you think. In this way, it remains personal and individual. Usually, the first step consists in choosing the size (30x30 calendar), since this mostly depends on the space you have available on the wall. Next, you pick the orientation based on the pictures included in your photographic project (in this case, a square photo calendar) or the type of calendar you will create (wall calendar). Now is when the fun part starts: with the help of myphotobook's online tool you will be able to combine templates with a variety of backgrounds, add pieces of text or discover our collection of nice cliparts. In this way, you will be able to produce a unique and incomparable 2020 personalised calendar.

Design a 30x30 photo calendar with funny phrases & exciting cliparts

Just forget about what you've seen in normal shops: give space to your imagination and let your own phantasy guide you. . Insert nice pieces of text that describe the meaning of the images or hold a special meaning for yourself and the people who will admire it. A vast catalogue of cliparts, visual effects, backgrounds, frames and templates support your creativity. Now it's you who sets the rules. In our wide selection of square photo calendars you can find many other inspiring formats and layouts for your photographic project, such as 47x47cm calendars and practical 40x40 photo calendar.