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20x20 square photo calendar - square, smart & personal

Thanks to its discrete square size, a 20x20 photo calendar clearly builds a practical and trendy calendar type. Its square format makes it ideally suited for portraits and selfies which can be fitted into practically any wall: either in a students' flat, in your grandparents' house or in even in your office. In fact, a 20x20 cm photo calendar (almost 8 x 8 inches) is about the easiest way to combine 13 square-size pictures in one single and personalised photo gift. myphotobook Ireland offers you a choice of two different printing methods, each of which offers different advantages, namely:

Real photo-calendars in a 20x20cm  size

Although we have clearly reached the digital photo-era, in our days many still appreciate the magic in processed photographs. Indeed, photo calendars printed on photographic sheets have that special charm. Colours become more intense and luminous, image contrast becomes stronger and the overall picture depth increases. For so called "real-photo calendars ", myphotobook Ireland uses premium Fuji photographic sheets, which are then assembled using an aluminium spiral binding. To make sure that your pictures turn out really well on these photographic sheets, please stick to a minimum image resolution of 1575 x 1575 pixels. Optimal resolution would be as of 2000 x 2000 pixels. This aspect becomes of the greatest importance if pictures have been taken with a smartphone, a tablet or some other Internet device, as what you see on the device won't always have the same once it has been printed out.

Digitally printed 20x20 calendars

Digital print is a modern and a less expensive technique, for which standard printing paper is used. The final result is for sure more impressive in real-photo calendars, but it is also an interesting solution if you wish to save money on your order of a personalised calendar. However, you can obtain a classier appearance by adding a high-gloss film for an extra-fee. This film will protect your pictures from external damages caused by dust, grease and liquids, as well as making more resistant. In both versions you will create a high-quality personalised wall calendar to brighten up your walls.

How to make your own calendar in 20x20 size

If you have a look at all the available features on myphotobook Ireland, you will soon realise that making a calendar has never been so easy before. All you need to make a 20x20 photo calendar is 13 pictures and an Internet connection. Online cloud storage services can be also connected with our software to enable a broader choice. It won't even be necessary to copy the pictures from your smartphone over to the computer, as there is also an mobile version of the calendar maker. The theme of the photo calendar will naturally develop from your pictures but will be then strengthened by the selected template. Cliparts, backgrounds, visual effects and pieces of text will complete the enjoyable experience of making your photo calendar. Please remember to double-check the final result on preview mode before you complete the order and do the payment.

Create a new visual experience with a 20x20 photo calendar

Square 20x20 photo calendars work especially well for images that have been posted to Instagram. However, we all spend more and more time watching videos on a laptop, checking our e-mails and reading the newspaper online. Don't you end up tired from viewing things on your smartphone all day long? Admiring a printed version of your pictures will be indeed a soothing experience for your eyes. Use your imagination to transform your life's best moments into personalised photo gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and offer them as a present to your dearest ones. Including your pictures as a part of the present will grant a fresh and genuine touch that a standard present will never have. But, if 8x8" isn't big enough for you, there are plenty of different calendar formats available. For instance, personalised desk calendar are slightly bigger. If instead of a wall calendar, you would be interested in making a personalised desk calendar, we recommend you to scroll to the top of this page and discover other calendar versions.