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A saddle stitch binding for your personalised photo books

Despite the progress in modern photobook printing techniques, many families keep piling up their photographs in some corner of a press, which eventually makes them get faded and bent. Others prefer to store them in a virtual folder on their computer and may forget they were still there. But, if you think about it, your memories are one of your biggest treasures and really deserve a better place than this. Indeed, a saddle-stitch photobook allows you to create a collection of important life events without spending too much time and money on it.  Saddle-stitch bound photo books are not only economical, but also extremely versatile regarding sizes and different layouts. You can therefore choose between a portrait or landscape orientated photobook and select the most suitable format for your photographic project, e.g. DIN A5 ( 5.83" x 8.27") or DIN A4 (8.27" x 11.69") photobook format. Feel free to add pictures of the moments you would always like to remember, as for example family celebrations, outdoor activities, trips, a reunion of your old classmates or the day you asked your wife to marry you. Create a different project for each occasion and bring back these memories to life in saddle-stich bound personalised photo books.  For example, an original way of making your personalised photo album is to have it printed in the form of a stapled magazine or as a tabloid and adding some entertaining headlines. Our modern reprographic techniques will help you make the best out  out of your photos and obtain a highly professional result. Last but not least, a stapled photobook can be a very entertaining way of putting your most creative photo gift ideas into practice.

Personalised photo books with a staple binding

Saddle stitchting, in other words - stapling technique -  is widely used to produce leaflets or magazines. This technique consists in gathering the sheets one inside the other and stapling them through the folded crease. In fact, the actual word "stitching" is only a technical term, since standard wire staples are used to bind the book. Along with its inexpensive production cost, saddle stitch photo books avoid splitting the surface of a sheet or spread into two different sections, as opposed to hardback or paperback photo books. Furthermore, the light staple binding  makes it easy to turn pages as in a magazine. A stapled photobook offers:
  • a modern and practical binding
  • a stylished appearance
  • different layouts, including portrait & landscape
  • a soft cover

Photo books & nice photo gift ideas

As scholars Parr & Badger once wrote, "a photobook is a book where the work's primary message is carried by photographs."  Use your saddle-stitch bound photo books to tell and illustrate the story of important events in pictures.  Moreover, these personalised gifts have the power of storing your fondest memories and transforming them into everyday objects.  Unique and unforgettable occasions such as graduations, birthdays, christenings and anniversaries will be safely kept for you to be able to admire them in the future. As you probably have noticed, children and elderly people are truly fascinated by photographs and personalised photobooks. The first are impressed by the possibilty of capturing a moment in time and experiencing more than once. They never get tired of going through the photobook pages over again and again in a sort of playful mood, as if they were hypnotised by it. In turn, older people love to remember the details and are often surprised by things they had actually forgotten. Since our memory tends to deteriorate as we age, a saddle-stitch photobook is a thoughtful photo gift idea for your youngest and wisest relatives and friends. Work and duties often leave us little time to share with our dearest ones.  However, if you had the privilege of sharing some of those moments with them, your saddle-stitch photobook will be a way of keeping in touch and reminding them that you do care about them. If for instance your grandfather is in hospital and you would like to give him a refreshing surprise to cheer him up, pick your best photographs with him and create a photobook with a nice softcover. You can also add a personalised English text wishing him to recover. In this way myphotobook Ireland will help you give shape to your photo gift ideas according to the occasion.

Saddle stitch photobook printing for all purposes

It is easy to recognise a moment or situation that is worth while capturing in photos. And for every occasion there is a photobook format that perfectly fits the theme. A nice trip to the seaside in Wales or your child's birthday out in the garden are always a good reason to print your photographs in personalised photo books. Nonetheless, many people also use them to keep a record of the different phases of a long project or process, like the construction of a new house or the growing of a new garden. Printing them on to a stapled photobook will be the best way to remember all the work and effort you put into it and make you feel proud of your achievements. Let your partner or family members be part of it by letting them create some of the pages, especially if you're looking for nice photo gift ideas. They will surely add some aspect you had already forgotten about and contribute to making a collective present. If you ask your children, they will always be happy to help and they will come up with some brilliant creative ideas. Since the entire designing process happens online, everything is made much easier. In the older days you would have needed to get your pictures printed separately and the glue them onto a photo album. Luckily that has changed now: simply upload your greatest pictures to myphotobook Ireland and get them printed in personalised photo books. Our professional printing techniques allow you to choose between the usual digital printing process or developing your pictures as real photographs on premium photographic paper.

Personalised photo books & design tips

To ensure a highly professional appearance for your stapled photo books:
  • avoid overloading your photo books with too many pictures;
  • keep in mind what picture comes next in your photobook;
  • try to achieve some rythm by repeating some elements
  • consider choosing a big photograph that takes up a two-page surface for the middle sheet
  •  Beim online gestalten kannst Du wunderbar experimentieren, bevor Du Dich entscheidest. Beispielsweise kannst Du Fotos in schwarz-weiß auf einer Seite mit strahlenden Farben auf der nächsten Seiten in Kontrast setzen. Wenn es Dir nicht gefällt - einfach weiter probieren.

If you have difficulties finding a structure, try to tell a story

You can also try taking smaller sections of a photograph or experiment with different fonts so as to obtain a more dynamic result. There are many ways of increasing dynamism, like putting black & white photos on a colourful background, or combining big fonts on one page and small pictures on the next one or vice versa (big pictures and small text).

Inspiring motion pictures and contrast

Try this other one: use a big photo as an inspiring background for your photobook and add some motion pictures to place over it. For example: a photo of the sea on the background and pictures of your children playing on the surface. To increase contrast use e.g. black and white alternatively, just make sure that the edges, frames and fonts of your saddle-stitched photo books are consistent. In any event, remember that less is more: don't add too many different elements unless you are trying to express something with it.

Some interesting facts about photo books

Did you know that...
  • the creation of the first photobook is attributed to a British woman. Ms. Anna Atkins was the author of British Algae: Cyanotype: a book of photographic images to help identify seaweed and marine specimens.
  • since the 1920’s Japan has developed a photobook tradition of its own, where photobooks have been used to address privileged readers and represent popular celebrities.
  • the largest photo book so far was built in Mumbai (India) in 2016. It measured 8.204 x 5.486 meters and weighed 24 tons.
  • a PhotoBook Museum was inaugurated by Mr. Markus Schaden in Cologne (Germany) in 2014
  • although originally created for artistic purposes, photobooks are often used for scientific, historical, cultural and ideological publications, as a means of increasing the book’s value and authority.
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