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Fotobuch Softcover A4 hoch selbst erstellen

Photo Book Softcover A4 portrait

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The softcover photo book

Photo books from myphotobook with soft covers are particularly light and flexible. This is ensured by the soft cover and the considerably simple binding, which uses premium adhesive to ensure all the pages stay in place. The lightweight cover of the softcover photo book is protected by a film that repels grease and all other contaminating substances. You have the option of choosing a matte or glossy book cover. Each softcover photo book can hold between 24 and 200 pages. If you prefer to design the softcover photo book yourself, you can choose from a variety of different formats and then make your ideas a reality ⁠— either with the help of the online designer or completely independently using your own layout ideas.

photobook softcover

The softcover photo book: Always the right format

The photo book with softcover is available in the following formats:

  • A4 portrait
  • A4 landscape
  • A5 portrait
  • A5 landscape
  • 20x20 cm square

The landscape formats are ideal for displaying landscape shots or group pictures in a photo book. The portrait format, on the other hand, is especially suitable for portraits and city photographs. If you plan to take your photo book with you when you travel, the compact A5 format is particularly handy as it fits in most bags and rucksacks. If you are planning to create a whole load of photo books, for example to display holiday snaps you’ve taken on all your trips the last few years, then the A4 format is a good choice. Imagine how impressive it would look to have several A4 photo books with matching spines on your bookshelf. The square format’s shape is similar to that of images posted on social media platforms and is therefore particularly up-to-date and modern.

The advantages of a soft cover photo book

Due to its light weight and flexibility, the photo book with soft cover can be held comfortably and taken anywhere. Despite being so light, it is able to hold up to 200 pages of your own shots, displayed according to your individual wishes. The simple but strong binding and lightweight cover make the softcover photo book one of the more affordable photo books around. This is ideal if you want to design several books to give as gifts, if you want to try out new photo book designs, or if you plan to take lots of photos every year and need space to present them in a tasteful way. By the way: An even cheaper alternative to the softcover photo book is the photo book with staple binding, containing 48 pages to display all your photos.


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