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What's the difference between a personalised photo album and a traditional one?

It's very simple: whereas with a classical photo album you would need to stick your pictures and see them falling out after a year, a personalised photo album offers the advantage of a tidier and more consistent appearance, as in lay-flat photo books. Your pictures are uploaded online and subsequently printed by a professional printing service like myphotobook Ireland. Modern printing technologies have evolved to offer new and original ways of displaying your pictures so that you can continue to make the best out ot them. Indeed, having your own photographs developed and inserting them into your family album has become a rare practice in this day in age, even more so if you have a computer or smartphone to store them in. Among the different types of personalised photo album you can find, there is one that enjoys the privilege of having a book's physical appearance and holding real photos that have been professionally developed - that is the real-photo album in high-quality photographic paper.

Lay flat photo books: the hottest trend in personalised photo albums in Ireland

By using a special binding technique, layflat photo books hide the fold between two pages, therefore removing the split and offering a larger printing surface for your photographic projects. That's why they are described as "lay-flat".  Due to their highly professional appearance, lay flat photo books were originally considered to be a product for well off people. However, myphotobook Ireland has made an effort to turn layflats accessible to all budgets. For this reason, lay flat photo books have become the fashion among people who are planning to get married. Most people go to a lot of trouble choosing the venue and the dress. So once that all that work is done, you just want to shine and be able to remember that special day. A  wedding photo album is meant to last forever.

Create a personalised photo album online: Real-photo albums in photographic paper

When it comes to getting your personalised photo albums processed and printed, paper quality does make a big difference. In order to achieve a highly professional result with increased brilliance and sharpness, myphotobook processes your images and prints them as real photos. Additionally, you can pick a matte or glossy finish depending on your personal preferences.

Leather Photo Albums

Whoever said “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was certainly not getting married. Most people choose a solid hardcover for their wedding photo book, but a modern leather cover conveys a fashionable vintage look that everybody likes. Custom leather photo albums can also be a perfect match for your furniture and suitable as a coffee table book. In contrast, soft cover photo albums offer a lighter and more economical solution.

A personalised photo album for your wedding or your baby

If you happen to ask any person which were the most important and happiest moments in their lives, most people will tend to answer the day of their wedding or the very first time they saw their baby’s face. Ever since the invention of photography, photo albums have played a significant role in preserving these memories all over the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. However, in the last decades there has been a swift from traditional photo albums to personalised photo albums which are created and customised online. In this way, digital personalised photo albums do save you from having to stick your pictures manually and leaving fingerprints all over the album. But let’s admit there is a special kind of magic in looking through the album pages while you hold it in your hands. A personal album which you create by yourself on facebook in just a few seconds isn’t something you can touch, neither is the picture quality the same as in a printed album. myphotobook’s digitally created albums offer you an ideal solution that combines the effortless process of making your own album online plus keeping the authenticity of a printed book in real photographic quality. Find gift ideas and read about the different ways to build a DIY photo album online in the following section:

Personalised photo album printing: Create lay flat photo books

Will you be my bridesmaid? That could be a great idea for the first page of a personalised wedding album that tells your love story from the beginning: starting with the funny coincidences that brought you together and ending with beautiful snapshots of your romantic honeymoon. Of course, you want to have enough space to show the bride and the groom’s best captions during the ceremony, as well as the guest’s most beautiful wedding dresses and suits, and certainly the moment when rings are exchanged. To produce a stunning personalised photo album of your wedding:
  • First consider how many pictures you would like to add to your album
  •  Then select a suitable size: for example A3 and A4 lay flat photo books are the most popular ones for weddings in Ireland
  •  Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, myphotobook will tell you if the image resolution is high enough for the selected format. This is a key aspect to avoid blurry images.
Now it’s when it starts to get fun: pick a wedding theme and combine it with cliparts. Many people like to customise their wedding book with their own texts or with nice quotes of love. As soon, as your order is completed, myphotobook will then print out your wedding album and deliver it right at your doorstep!

Baby photo albums: is it a layflat or a spiral bound?

No matter how you look at them, babies are simply beautiful. The first weeks are always a very special time in life, since they grow up faster than we would like to. As much as you enjoy admiring pictures of your own childhood, your children will be grateful for having a personalised baby album, where they can remember their favourite toys, their own pram and loving family members. Depending if it’s a baby boy or a girl, there’s a range of entertaining templates and designs that you can add online to create a unique baby’s first photo album for a friend or for your grandparents and decorate it nicely.

How to go about picking your album size

We recommend you to select the size according to the way you will use them. In this way:
  • A6 and A5 size photo albums are small, easy to manage and ideal for children.
  • 30x30 cm (12x12 inches) and 20x20 cm (8x8 inches) can look very tidy on a shelf over the telly
  • A3 and A4 are large photo albums for the whole family; use landscape orientation if you want to tell a story, or a portrait layout to show the baby and parents in brilliant close-ups.

DIY gift ideas: A travel photo album for him or her

Holidays are so short, but usually so intense, that we spend the rest of the year dreaming and thinking about them. Remind your girlfriend or boyfriend of that unbelievable sunset during your last trip to the Bahamas or to the seaside in Wales with a travel photo album. Use the pictures you took from the car or the plane and get them professionally developed and printed in a real photo book with a layflat binding. myphotobook Ireland has managed to transform online photo albums into a do-it-yourself personalised gift for every special occasion. All our personalised photo albums are provided with a hardcover. For other hard cover models, please check our personalised hardback photo books and latest photobook deals.