Production process

Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technologies

We print

Photobook Produktdetails Fotos drucken
  • using digital offset printing
  • exclusively on high-quality printing paper
  • on the very latest Hewlett Packard printers or with a high-gloss finish on a KODAK NEXPRESS printer.

We bond

Photobook Produktdetails Fotos klebenour photo book using only PUR (polyurethane resin) adhesive . This adhesive bonds the edges of the sheet much better than conventional hot melt adhesive, enabling us to produce a long-lasting, robust book block. The curing process requires more time, but the final strength is significantly higher than any other bonding process.

We cut

Photobook Produktdetails Fotos schneidenyour book pages - depending on the book format - along the crop marks using manually controlled machines.

Finally, we bind

Photobook Produktdetails Fotos bindenyour photo books. A great deal of craftsmanship and skill are required, especially to make hardcovers, leather binding and linen bound books.