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Portrait photo books: Make a photo book online!

When you realise that most pictures you have gathered for a photographic project are taller than they are wide, the most recommendable thing to do is to make a portrait-oriented photo book. The truth is this strongly depends on the position of the camera when the pictures were being taken. Also if the displayed objects are predominantly tall or are standing in an upright position, it is the vertical axe that dominates the scenes,  making them ideal for a portrait photo book. However, it is possible to make some exceptions when making your own photo book: for example if you decide to get the images printed as lay flat photo books, there will be no split between the pages of the spread. In this way, horizontal pictures will be printed over a double-page surface with no page breaks in the middle. Provided that there is enough image resolution, another possibility could be to zoom into your photos, change their orientation and crop them as you are sorting them out. In general, personalised photo books with portrait orientation are best to focus on details and to show a person's face, features and expressions, so as to "portray" the personality. A certain gesture, a smile or a sequence of an action can thus be captured and transformed into a highly artistic portrait photobook.

Personalised photo books with portrait orientation

In order to serve a greater variety of needs and meet even more specific requirements, myphotobook Ireland has combined portrait oriented photo books with the most popular types of bindings and covers. Each of them meets a different need:
  • Hardback photo books (also called hardcover) are the right choice if the photo album is meant to last for a long time, as in a family photo album;
  • Softcover photo books have the advantage of being more economical but also more flexible. As a result, turning the pages will be flawless;
  • Saddle-stitch bound photo book, in turn, enjoy a shorter production time and can therefore be delivered faster,
  • Spiral bound photo books: are the best to stop the pages from getting bent and don't close automatically:
  • Real-photo books: are the modern version of personalised photo albums: instead of sticking on the pictures with photo corners, they will be already integrated in a high-quality sheet of photographic paper.
To guarantee the best outcome, myphotobook Ireland uses  exclusively high quality printing paper: quick-print and real-photo books are produced with Kodak photographic sheets. This makes it possible to print out the pictures with a high colour brilliance. In all other versions, we use digital printing paper.

What sizes are the most recommendable for making a portrait photobook?

Each photobook size conveys a different character and has something different to offer when presented with portrait orientation:
  • A4 photo books are the best for add text beside the pictures, since it is easier to read;
  • A5 photo books are half the size of A4; due their light weight, they are easy to hold with your hands and are suitable for children;
  • A6 mini books can be easily carried around or fitted into a bag or pocket,

Make your own book and share your vision of the world

Make your own book and share your own vision of things with the rest of the world! In fact, nowadays there is no need to be either a writer nor a professional photographer to create your own book. Just by combining pictures you have saved on your computer with your own comments, a simple but impressive book can be made for many different purposes (e.g. a book to show the nature and most beautiful sites of a village, a self-written story, a book of recipes, an illustrated book of your last holidays in the form of a story or a book of poems). In all these cases, a portrait photo book makes the best out of your creative ideas.

How to make a photo book online

To make a photo book with our online editor, follow these easy steps:
    1. Start you computer and find the photos you would like to use for your project;
    2. Look for a photobook format that best fits the purpose of the book - in this case it will be a portrait photo book;
    3. Click on the button „Create now“ to open up the online photobook maker;
    4. Choose between a pre-designed pattern or creating it by yourself from scratch;
    5. If you decide to use myphotobook's layout, you will enjoy a great variety of matching themes for a portrait photo book;
    6. Select the number of pages it needs to contain: a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 pages can be added to your portrait-oriented books;
    7. Please pay attention to the fact that a higher number of pages has an influence on the final price:
    8. Our photobook wizard will simplify the process significantly;
    9. Once your photobook is made, it will take a few days for it to produce it and deliver it at the specified address.
Tipp:  Should any of these steps not be clear for you, contact our customer service. We will be happy to help!

Photo gift ideas with portrait-oriented photos

As we mentioned before, portrait photo books work especially well as personalised family albums, but also as creative photo gift ideas for a wedding, Christmas or birthday celebration. Surprise your parents, grandparents, cousins or best friends with a photo of you together. Pictures with portrait orientation are also suitable for many personalised photo gifts on our online shop, such as personalised mugs, keyrings, personalised wedding flutes or photo cushions. Many of our customers also like to add a picture of their charismatic pet. In case you like to get suggestions about how to create new and thrilling customised items, as well as being updated about our latest offers and discounts, subscribe to myphotobook's newsletter at the bottom of the page. However, if while making your own photo book, you have the feeling that another layout could even work better, do try a different design, as in our landscape and square photo books!