Your photos will be tightly bound in a laminated protective cover. The binding process ensures your photo books particularly long life. Inside, we use high-quality photo printing paper for the pages. Here, too, you have a choice between glossy and matt surfaces and can fill your covers will photos right up to the edge.


If got a lot of photos, but don't want to carry the extra weight, try our paperback covers in matt or glossy. We print your photos on high-quality photo printing paper, even without borders or across two pages.

Staple Bindings

If you want your photos to shine like a high-gloss magazine, just select staple binding. You'll have a choice of resistant covers in matt or glossy finish. The strong stapling will still hold your photobook together after its passed through a thousand hands.

Spiral Binding

Our spiral bindings are very popular because they are both affordable and sturdy. They're great for private and business presentations. Inside, the pages are made of 170 gram photo printing paper. As with staple binding, you can design the cover however you like.


Leather binding make your photobook something special. The leather cover is elegant but sturdy. And it will have to be, because it feels so good, you'll want to hold it in your hands again and again. We'll bind your book in black or brown leather in all formats except pocket.


Linen binding is only available for the maxi format. The linen we use has a very high-quality and fine structure and is available in eight select tones. This exclusive edition of your photo book really lets your pictures come into their own.