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Large photo books Ireland - Feel big and proud of yourself in A3 size

Our biggest photobook format - A3 photo book - ist the king of all photographic books and the greatest tribute to your personal memories.  A3 photo books are a symbol of our most important life events and true feelings, which is why we dedicate plenty of space to them. Indeed, it's not just about creating a nice album with impressive pictures, but also sharing it with the people you care about. In these unique occasions, e.g. the day of your wedding, a birthday celebration, your child's christening or a graduation ceremony at college it is the people who support you that make the difference. Regardless from what success means to you (giving birth to a child, buying a house or completing a trip you had carefully planned for a long time), words aren't good enough to describe all the emotions and the effort you have probably put into your project. So how is it possible to say so much in only one photobook? How can you thank the people who accompanied you on that special day? As you already know, a picture is worth a thousand words, but an A3 photo book will be worth many more! In a world that constantly keeps changing, A3 photo books help you preserve those memories in a privileged place, allowing you to admire them and travel back in time whenever you feel like it. myphotobook Ireland has selected the best printing techniques and high-quality paper types to to help you make the best out of your pictures and express your personal message.

Make your own A3 photo book - a few tips

The bigger the format, the higher the requirements: paying attention to the following details will help to improve significantly the overall appearance of your A3 photobook:
  • Background contrast: since big photos on all pages look very solemn, you may want to add several different pictures on some pages. In this case it is important to find a contrasting colour for the background that goes well with all the images. Try to find a colour that highlights the pictures,  rather than "swallowing" them. In most cases, it is possible to solve this by combining complementary colours or choosing a particular tone of white for the background. Remember to check the final result by switching to preview mode.
  • Fonts: Adding a personalised text is a lot easier when one has as much space as in an A3 photo book. Still, you can have unintentionally pushed the text to the back when moving around the images. Avoid this by keeping the text in line with the pictures.  As a general rule, the reader's eye should be first be caught by the pictures so that he can then continue on reading text. Of course, the format of the fonts should remain the same and consistent throughout the entire photo book.
  • Page- breaks: The instant when pages are turned involves a certain kind of magic. Keep up the interest of the reader and make the person curious by placing a the beggining of an action on a right-side page and resolving it on the next page. If in contrast, you would like to have no page break within the same sheet, you can order your A3 size albums in the form of lay flat photo books.

How it works

The big advantage in making an A3 photo book online is that many of the features can be selected to suit our personal preferences. First, pick the type of cover you would like to have: if you want the personalised photo album to weigh less, instead of a hardcover, choose a real-photo book with a soft or a leather cover. Once the cover choice is clear, click "create now" and you will follow into the next page, where we offer two possibilities: designing it by yourself or using pre-designed patterns. In the second case, a photobook wizard helps you throughout the whole designing process. Next, you can upload your images online and sort them out. When using the photobook wizard, a 20-page standard size will be set, as well as the same background, similar colours and shapes on all pages. Then add your personal masterpiece to the shopping basket and complete the order by filling in the billing and shipping details. Your order will be dispatched and delivered within only a few days!

Personalised photo books that tell the story of your life

For some, an A3 photo book represents the modern version of the classical family photo album. In the older days a family photo album could be viewed by no more than 2 or 3 people at the same time, which meant you needed to take turns and then pass over the album to the next person. In contrast, these large personalised photo books will be read and commented over and over by the whole "gang". Since the photographs will be already integrated in the sheet, the usual fingerprints that your children could leave on them will be avoided A3 photo books on myphotobook Ireland are exclusively landscape oriented. The main reason for this is that they are easier to manage and to keep. Since A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches) is double the size of an A4 photo book, not only will it weigh more, but also image resolution needs to be good enough to avoid blurry pictures.  This is something to keep in mind before you order your photobook: the recommended image resolution for A3 photo books is of about 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, although a higher resolution is also good. In turn, the minimum resolution goes down to 1.598 x 1.181 pixels. Due to its huge printing surface, the A3 photo book format is widely used in museum and galleries, as an artistic book. Feel free to use all this space and vast capacity to show off and display your highest quality snapshots!

A3 photo books as travel photo albums

When you come back from an exotic trip or from a sabbatical year (if you were really lucky) it is time to go through the unendless pictures you will have collected with your camera. You will surely have discovered things you had never seen before. Thus, it is the ideal occasion to create a collection of the most impressive sights and landscape photographs that illustrates the story of your holidays. Since there is a huge amount of space in an A3 photo book, several pictures can be added to a same page in a sort of comic story.  Once it is finished, it will find its place beside the stunning pictures of your atlas up on your living-room shelves.

Large and high quality photo books

As above mentioned, image resolution is a key aspect to produce an A3 photobook and achieve a professional result. Our most loyal customers like to order what whe call real-photo books, which are professionally developed and printed on high-quality photographic paper. In this case, the minimum resolution is of  856 x 1.270 pixels, thereby keeping the sharpness of your photos over a 40 x 30 cm printed surface. Furthermore, paper grammage in our real-photo books is of 250g/m². For any questions concerning the different sizes and formats, please contact our customer service.