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Photo books with a square 30x30 cm size to enhance your pictures

Although at first, 30 cm - that is 12 inches - may not sound like a lot, printing photo books in a square format is a smart way of making your photos look bigger in a sort of "image stretch", especially if compared to other rectangular sizes like A4 or A3 photo books.  The result of this magnifying effect produced by 12x12" photo books is that photos are displayed with an increased level of vibrance and expressiveness. Moreover, square size photo books add a tidy, compact and symmetrical look that reflects a sucessfull and fulfilling live event. Probably for this reason, 12x12" square photo books are a popular choice as a wedding photo album, as a modern family album or as a collection of photos of an exotic holiday. Our highly artistic 12x12" books are available in four different versions:
  • layflat square photo books on real photographic paper (with a choice of 24 to 96 pages);
  • hardback photo books produced with digital printing technique that hold up to 200 pages (ideal for big projects);
  • 30x30 cm leather bound photo books;
  • square photo books with a linen cover.
Furthermore, in a hardback square photo book both the endleaves and book-spine can be customised with text and pictures, so as to provide a professional and personalised result. Whereas the endleaves are shiny, the inner pages remain matte, unless you specifically want a glossy finish for them - available for a small extra fee. In contrast, the lay-flat photobook version saves you space by removing the break between two pages. This makes it possible to extend big and powerful pictures over a double-page surface.

Personalised photo books: 12x12" photobook templates

There's certainly a difference between knowing what you would like to have and knowing how to design it. Whether you're preparing your own wedding photo album or designing original photo gift ideas, you will want to make sure that every single detail is sitting where it should. For this reason, myphotobook Ireland has simplified the process of making a photobook by providing customised 12x12" photo book templates for each occasion. Indeed, there are certain shapes, colours, lines and frames that build the appearance of a wedding, a birthday celebration or a graduation. By combining these pre-designed patterns with your own creative ideas, you will be able to produce beautiful square photo books in a very short time. And having picked a square photo book format, your photos will look even bigger! Use these 30x30cm photo books as personalised coffe table books, as decoration for shelves or as a personalised photo gifts for your loved-ones.

Photo gift ideas for every age and taste

Your children, soulmate, grandparents, brothers & sisters or group of best friends will be always thankful for such a thoughtful present. A simple collection of the best moments you shared together is one of the most beautiful personalised gifts that one can get. It works for all ages, carries a personal message and doesn't ever run out of fashion. You can also create different versions of them and dedicate one to yourself.

Create a square photo book online (or offline)

So, what else do you need to create a photo book by yourself? Just a computer:  square photo books can be created downloading myphotobook's free software or by simply clicking on the online photobook creator.  For those who are not used to it or should you create a photo book for the first time, we recommend using the Photobook Wizard, which guides you through the different steps with a detailed explanation.

What features are available in our online creator for 12x12" square photo books?

  • A catalogue of entertaining clip arts to finish off your masterpiece;
  • the possibility to insert pieces of texts, image descriptions and explanations to make them easier to understand;
  • a variety of colours and designs for the background;
  • many effects and different layouts that can be added to your 12x12 photo books.

How to find the right format for you

myphotobook's website allows you to access a large photobook assortment and filter it according to the size, orientation, type of binding and cover. A special section is dedicated to the most frequently ordered models, as for example A4 size photo book. If you realise it is a smaller size you need, instead of 30x30 cm check out A5 or 20x20cm square photo books. Once you are inside a certain category, you can perform a more detailed search by using the provided filters. All products can be sorted out depending on the price (price increasing and decreasing) and popularity. Although the provided pictures are intended to give an exact idea of the final result, should you have any questions about a particular size or model we recommend contacting our customer service, either by e-mail or over the phone. Last but not least, we have prepared a list of things to check before finishing your project, so as to avoid any possible mistakes. In any event, keep in mind that  myphotobook Ireland offers satisfaction guarantee. Important advice: for 12x12 inch-photo books, we recommend an optimal image resolution of 3,060 x 3,000 pixels. As soon as the designing process is completed, you can proceed to place your order. At this stage, please bear in mind that the delivery fee can vary depending on the size and weight of your square photo books. Regarding the payment, it can be performed using your credit card, with PayPal or with a simple money transfer from your bank account. After a production phase of 2 to 3 days, your self-designed photobook will be sent and delivered to you right at your doorstep! If you are happy with your experience and would like to continue to order in the future, do register at the top-right corner of our website and save your details for future orders! Please remember that thee smartest way to save money on your next orders is to sign up for our newsletter, since you will be informed about our latest products, new features and best deals on personalised photo books, as well as on other customisable gifts.