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How personalised photo books ended up as 20x20cm booklets

If photo books could talk, they would always say something different and personal about each individual: indeed, whilst some people prefer to keep their photographs in a small and discrete photobook, others love to show off their happiest memories in large and dazzling A3 size albums. Photo books have been used throughout history for different purposes other than making the classical photo album which practically every family owns. As a matter of fact. personalised photobooks in Ireland and elsewhere have been used to produce cultural, ideological and religious handbooks and booklets. Nevertheless, up until very recently a small and square 20x20cm (8x8 inch) format used to be unusual in Western countries, since this type of publications - as for example, the Bible - were issued in a rectangular shape similar to A4. In fact, 8x8" photo books evidence an influence from Eastern Asia and offer and exciting mix of the traditional family album with exotic trends.  The following renditions of 8x8" photo books are available on our website:
  • 8x8"hardcover photo books
  • 8x8" softcover photo books
  • 8x8" spiral bound photo books
  • 8x8" quick-print photo books
  • 8x8" real-photo books

8x8" photo books can now be personalised and designed online

"Personalised" means that your personal taste and preferences set the rules of your photo books. With the help of an intuitive photobook maker, your own creative ideas will be turned into a stunning customised album. To support you throughout the process, myphotobook's online design tool offers:
  • exciting visual effects and layouts;
  • customisable backgrounds (where both the colours and patterns can be adapted);
  • the possibility to add texts and change the font and size;
  • a huge catalogue of stylish cliparts.
The easiest way to get started is to use the Photobook Wizard, due to its great variety of imaginative templates. At all stages, important details (such as resolution requirements) will be thoroughly explained, so that you don't miss out on anything. As soon as the pictures are available on your computer, sort them out in chronological order and upload them to myphotobook Ireland!

Photobook ideas for a square 20x20 cm size

From a collection of the greatest photographs taken during last holidays, to your precious childhood memories, all 20x20 personalised photo books offer enough space for unforgettable times and can be easily carried in personal bags and pockets. They are therefore ideal to share with your friends and relatives or even lend them for short periods. Regarding the different versions, softcover photo books work particularly well for themes like newborn babies or pets, as opposed to hardcover books, which are usually used as family photo albums or wedding photo books. Christmas celebrations, outdoor birthday parties, honeymoon trips and many more can be immortalised in up to 200 pages.

Lay flat photo books help you gain space

Although 8x8" photo books are quite a small and compact size, there are still ways of gaining space to display bigger panoramic photos with greater detail, as in lay flat photo books. A layflat binding covers up the split between the two pages of a same spread and enables a double-page printing area for impressive landscape captions. Besides, myphotobook Ireland has built an interesting combination of a lay flat photobook with a softcover and top-quality photographic sheets, called "quick-print photo book". On top of that comes a shorter manufacturing phase, allowing us to ship them faster than other photobook models. So in all, this all-rounder offers the highest Fuji photographic quality, a nice and soft cover surface, fast delivery and even a reduced price!

Personalise your 8x8" photo books

If you are in a playful mood, try out a new shape, a completely different colour or change the order of the pictures to find a new angle for your story. Ask someone else for their opinion, as four eyes see always more than two. If you have decided to work without pre-designed templates, make sure to have used the same structure, font size and colours on all pages, so as to produce a certain rythm. Preview modus is a great way of detecting any possible mistakes and observing the bare photobook as it will be once it gets printed. In case you would like to save your project, please bear in mind that it is only possible to do it online if you have previously created an account on our page or if myphotobook's software has been downloaded on to you computer. In this way, you can review your project once more before ordering. The software-download version includes some additional features which cannot be found in the online editor and you may find helpful. Once you feel happy with the final result of your personalised photo books, add them to the shopping basket, select a payment method (credit card, PayPal or money transfer) and add the delivery and billing details. A message will be sent out to your personal e-mail address to confirm that the order has been registered and dispatched. Next, your photo books will go into the production phase, where the pictures will get printed, the pages will be carefully assembled and the final product will be shipped and swiftly delivered to you! Give wings to your imagination and make a world of photo gift ideas come true with myphotobook Ireland. Share our passion for custom printed items that turn unforgettable life experiences into everyday objects. Offer them as a present to your parents, best friends, work mates, your child's school teacher or to any other person who you really like.