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Photo Books Ireland: It has been many years since online generated and personalised photo books ever started to replace traditional photo albums, which have put an end to the common practice of sticking on your pictures with the help of photo corners. As a result, the usual finger prints, bends or stains on pictures of holidays, birthday parties or weddings could be avoided. Indeed almost everyone nowadays uses a digital camera to take their photos, especially since, most cell phones include a built-in camera, allowing you to take photos while you’re on your way to some other place. In the era of digital photography personalised photo books have got extremely popular. Easy as they are to create, custom photo books provide a professional result. Your pictures follow a straight path from your computer to the photo book, sparing the production of photo prints which would have been stuck on afterwards. Pictures can be even displayed over the entire surface of a double sheet in layflat photo books. Thus, personalised photo books provide a more emotionally enriching experience than a classical photo album, which would only allow space for 10x15 cm prints.

Photo books Ireland - Create a photo book online - Personalised lay flat photo books

Online photobook creation - spare yourself the software download

Our free online photo book maker allows you to easily create a photo book digitally. While designing your own photobook you will need to select the pictures you want to see in your final photo story book. It will take your more or less time to create it depending on the topic and range of your DIY book. When selecting the pictures, do make sure that the photo size and resolution- that is the measure in cms or pixels - fit the size of your photo book. Once you have selected your pictures, you will already have completed the biggest step.

How to make a photo book online with our free download software

If you choose to make your own photo book using a software tool, you will first have to download it. Creating a personalised book with our free photo book creator is a simple process. A wide variety of layout effects allow you to insert clip arts and captions, saving you the work of writing your own comments. myphotobook Ireland leaves you plenty of space for you to shape and customise your photo books as you like. Otherwise you will always have the possibility of making your photo books online, without having to download any software.

Personalised photo books: A view of our layouts & formats

A6 mini photo books: Your dearest travel companion in your bag

Use it to display pictures of your family, your partner, best friends or pet. Despite being our online shop's smallest format, an A6 photo book always makes a small personalised and meaningful gift full of kindness. Moreover, it’s an ideal format for beginners who are only creating their first photo books online.

A4 photo book: The popular one. Always no. 1 on the selling list

A traditional photo book containing many exciting things, namely your pictures! A4 photo book is a format that our customers always come back to, probably because of its versatility, which makes it so popular. This portrait oriented photo book format is suitable for all occasions and is very to easy to design. It is highly recommendable if you want to add some longer texts, as for example a story, a recipe or quotations.

A5 photo books: Compact & comfortable hand-size for your photos.

A5 size photo books are a good choice for people who prefer a practical hand size but want to combine many different pictures in one photo book. Perfection it with a suitable binding: saddle stitch, spiral bound, softcover, hardcover or leather cover. Landscape orientation allows you to compile your fondest memories in up to 144 pages that you can comfortably slip into your bag.

20x20 cm personalised photo books: Different. Attractive, square and still versatile.

If you want to make it really special, while at the same time remaining practical and economical, this is your chance: our 20x20 cm photo book is a real eye-catcher offering many different design options. This mini square format is available for almost all bindings and allows you to present your captures both in an unusual and charming way. Professional photographers appreciate these properties and often make square photo books with portrait snapshots or wedding photos. If you’re thinking of buying an original photo book, 20x20 cm (8x8 inches) is the right one for you!

30x30 photobook: The classy one. Genuinely smart in linen

30x30cm size photo books belongs to the family of square hardcover photo books. It works particularly well as a wedding memory book. What makes this photo book so special is its coating, especially when decorated with a classy linen cover, although a resistant leather cover is also an ideal match. Needless to say how important the inside is: square pages provide your pictures with a high-quality appearance and are suitable both for landscape and portrait oriented photos. Enjoy making your own photo books online

A3 size photo books: The meaningful one. An anthology of your greatest memories

If you’re thinking of creating a meaningful photo book to glorify your very best pictures, A3 photo book format will be just the right one for you. Its 42 x 30 cm dimensions and 250 pages in premium format plenty of space for snapshots you want to show off. Display your pictures of cities, art or architecture impressively in these illustrated hardcover picture books and coffee table books.

Photobook offers & deals - Invent and find your perfect match

From 12-page photo books up to 250 units, myphotobook Ireland has prepared a wide selection of photobook offers with many different formats and bindings. Therefore there is a wide range of prices available depending on the way they are bound and the number of pages they hold, the cheapest one featuring a spiral binding for €8.99. Creating a photo book online works just like choosing a normal book. In this way, a paperback will create a different impression to a hardcover. Furthermore a normal book is only meant to be read, whereas personalised photo books with pictures of your last holidays, wedding album or silver wedding will be opened and admired more often. For this reason, a solid binding is of great importance. Both hardcover and softcover photo books are built with a resistant adhesive binding, making it possible for you to lend your personalised photo book to relatives and friends without any risk. For those who prefer a lighter and more economical version, an aluminium spiral binding is the best choice. Spiral bound photo books with aluminium bindings have that modern touch about them and are particularly popular among the younger generations. Another interesting possibility is a solid saddle stitch photo book, which can be easily carried in your bag. In case you wanted to present your pictures in an elegant way, also taking the occasion into account, we recommend a 30x30 cm (12x12 inch) photo book. While creating your photo book online, you will have to chance to choose from a variety of materials for your cover, such as leather or linen. If you would like to know more about our cheap photo books and different photo book offers, vouchers, codes, discounts & special promotions, do subscribe to our newsletter.

Professional and high-quality photo books

Specialised magazines regularly test photo book online manufacturing companies. In reviews, myphotobook Ireland is often regarded as the leading company and has been voted number 1 in many photo book quality tests. Please read our test results to build your own opinion about the quality of our photo products. Should you need further assistance or in case you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service either by e-mail, by chat or telefon.You can find the contact form at the left bottom corner of your screen.


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More personalised photo gift ideas from myphotobook Ireland

But, if you’re lacking the time and the pictures to make your own photo book, try designing other personalised accessories and articles that take less time. Many customers have experienced the joy of making a nice personalised calendar 2021 and photo prints and personalised wall art pieces with myphotobook Ireland.

What's a photobook? (facts & figures)

Explanation, introduction and differences with a photo album

A “photobook” is defined as a book which has been designed by a user (customer) from home using his own computer. In this type of book, pages are filled with a private collection of pictures and can be decorated with a variety of effects, cliparts, self-written texts, frames and backgrounds. 170g/m² digital print paper sheets are used to print the pictures. myphotobook started to manufacture photo books in 2004. Since the creation of the first photo book - an A4 portrait-oriented softcover photobook - the product assortment has significantly been expanded, especially within the last 12 months. Nowadays, there is a wide range of book formats combined with different types of binding to be found. In 2010 myphotobook Ireland released the “real-photo book”. Real photo books are in fact photo albums in which the photos have been inserted digitally, rather than being printed and pasted on one by one. In this case, 250g/m² Fuji photographic sheets are used for the pages. These digitally processed pictures are therefore not printed, but professionally developed as real photographs. For this reason, real-photo books offer a higher photographic quality. A special type of silver halide sheet for colour photographs called “Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper” and specifically designed to develop high-quality photographs is used to manufacture them. Besides, this kind of photographic paper was specially conceived for two-sided photographic printing. Compared to normal photos - printed on digital print paper - photographs contained in a real-photobook offer the advantage of a greater colour brilliance, since they will have been developed and printed on photographic paper. They can be order either with a matt or a glossy finish and include a lay-flat binding that avoids the split between the two pages of a same spread, therefore freeing up the whole surface to display the pictures. In contrast, real-photo books with a soft cover are called “quick-print photo books”. Before photo books started to appear, a photo album was understood as a coffee-table book, as a printed book that focused on the photographs or simply as books that contained more pictures than text. According to Future Source Consulting, the photo book market in the United Kingdown and Western Europe grew up to 24.9 million units in 2015. In this way, the photo printing industry has managed to develop a mass-production of the same photobook models for commercial purposes, as can be seen in nowadays photo books, as well as producing personalised photo articles that meet the customer’s specific needs. A development of digital printing technologies was needed in order to access this market. This made it possible for the prepress procedure and of flexible printing processes to appear.

The process of creating a personalised photo book

Same quality standard as in a coffee-table book

Digital pictures can be either imported into the free-download software or uploaded to a cloud-based online tool. Both methods work easily and fast as soon as the pictures have been properly sorted out. The software version and online designing tool automatically check if the picture meets the technical requirements for the desired format. Should image quality happen to be insufficient to ensure an optimal printing result, a message with exclamation mark will pop up in form of a yellow triangle.

How long does it take to create a photo books?

Photo books can really store precious memories for decades. Thanks to the tiny size of the colour particles in the carrier fluid - only in standard photo books, not in real photo books - a high resolution (colour reproduction and sharpness) and a homogeneous brilliance can be obtained. Hence, it is important to take it easy while designing it and plan it well to ensure highly satisfactory results. In order to make a good photo book, read the many recommendations provided on our websites. Important: prepare more than enough time for the creation process, don’t rush yourself!. To guarantee a satisfactory result for your photographic project, please follow these steps:
  • define the theme for the photobook;
  • store the matching photos in a digital folder, including subfolders so as to gain an overall view;
  • select and sort out the photos according to the date, order, relevance, them etc;
  • pick a photobook format and/ or a design template;
  • insert the pictures in the phootbook;
  • arrange, resize, reshape or place the pictures at a different point;
  • if necessary, add effects, backgrounds, frames and cliparts until it looks right;
  • double-check everything once more before you add it to the shopping basket (read thr provided checklist further down on this page).
  • add the photobook to the basket and complete the order.
Checklist: myphotobook Ireland has prepared a downloadable checklist in pdf. to help you remember the most important points while making a photobook. Click on “Checklist for creating a photo book” to download the pdf.-file.