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  • 7 book formats and up to 250 pages
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A personalised photo album in 3 steps

  • Download the software
    Download the free photo service software from myphotobook.
  • Design a photo album
    Select your favourite photos and design an individualised photo album
  • Receive your photo album
    You'll receive your individualised photo album delivered to your door in just days!

Product details

  • 7 book formats
  • 7 bindings
  • 12-250 pages
  • optional high gloss finish

When will my photo album arrive?

in 7 to 8 business days
with standard shipping

in 6 business days
with express shipping

Order your photo album

Do you have an original idea and want to create your own photo album or make one as a gift? At myphotobook, you can order a photo album to your specifications easily. Ordering just takes minutes.

Order a photo album in three easy steps: download the software, design your photo album and then just wait for it to arrive! First you'll want to download the free software from myphotobook so you can keep working on the design of your photo album offline, as well.

After installing the software, you can start designing your personalised photo album. Let all your imagination and creativity loose. First, decide on one of the seven formating options, before ordering your photo album. From small pocket photo albums (14.8 by 10.5 cm) to large premium photo albums (30 by 40 cm), we have something to fit every taste and occasion. The seven different bindings we offer will leave you nothing to wish for. To give your photo album a more professional look, you can decide for a high gloss finish - just mark this option while ordering. The price of your photo album depends entirely on your specifications and the number of pages.

Once your creation is perfect, just log in to your user account and upload the data. From your user account, you can place your photo album in the shopping basket with a click of the mouse and complete your order. Be sure to choose the shipping method that's right for you. With standard shipping, you'll receive your one of a kind photo album in 7-8 days; with express shipping, just 6. Payment can be made through a German bank account, by credit card, with PayPal or by bank transfer. However you decide to pay, you'll receive an immediate confirmation e-mail for your individual product.
If you have any difficulties ordering or questions you'd like to ask, you can contact are helpful and friendly customer service team at any time.
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