Lantern with photo

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  • Material: light, transparent synthetic material
  • Product dimensions: width 28,1 cm (diameter 11,1 cm / 0.7 x 4.3 x 4.3") x height 16,6 cm
  • Includes an LED tea light
  • Hint: not suitable for candles due to the cover's flammable material

Lantern with photo

In need of some warm and cosy lighting? No matter if it's as a table decoration for your dream wedding, as a personalised light at the next barbecue or as an original bedside lamp with your favourite photos of your little ones, the customisable lantern with your own photos and messages will make your most precious moments shine. By the way, customisation is easy thanks to the design editor's many backgrounds and layout templates for all occasions – weddings, baptisms, children and much more!

Main features of our personalised photo lanterns:

  • Size: 11.1 cm (4.3") diameter
  • Material: light synthetic compound
  • Production technique: direct printing
  • Printed area: 28.1 x 16.6 cm (11 x 6.5")
  • Resolution requirements: 1659 x 980 pixels (preferred) 830 x 490 pixels (minimum)
  • Optional: synthetic base available in white and black
  • Hint: due to the material used, please do not attempt to use real candles (flammable material)
  • Specifications: LED tea-light included
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Lantern with photo black
Lantern with photo white
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A personalised night light for children & adults

The personalised night light is a decorative electric lamp with a cylindrical shape for installing in any bedside table. The surface of the lamp shade can be customised with a personal design which is created online. The main purpose of a nightlight is to create an intimate atmosphere and improve the room visibility  at night time. For this reason, this personalised night light is provided with a low-intensity LED tea-light. When decorated with pictures or a personalised text, night lights become unique objects to stimulate our imagination and lead us into placid sleep.

Childrens night light

Since many younger children are afraid of the dark, buying night lights to put in their bedrooms can be a good solution to make them feel more relaxed and overcome their fear. Moreover, childrens night lights can be connected with familiar images such as comic heroes, a nice family picture or a photo of your pet. In this way, the personalised night light will make your children feel more secure.

Baby night light

Night lights are also an essential item in a newborn baby's room. If one of your best friends has recently become a mother or a father, a present of a baby night light with personalised greetings or a picture of the two of you wil be beautiful and thoughtful idea. Childrens night lights are also useful lamps to keep in a nursery or hospital.

Kids night lights

If your kids are older, they may prefer to have their favourite animal, singers or even their own drawings on printed their nightlight. For special occasions like Halloween, Easter or Christmas, you can design your own night light to illuminate their bedroom accordingly. Should you be looking for more gift ideas for your child other than these kids night lights, a greater selection of personalised childrens gifts is available on myphotobook's online shop, which encompasses:

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Night lights for adults

Personalised night lights are also a romantic item for an adults bedroom. In fact, the ideal illumination of a couple's room is a low intensity light with a warm touch. A nice picture of you and your partner on the light shade combined with a loving quote makes a unique DIY nightlightCustom night lights are thus original gift ideas for adults on Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings and honeymoons.

Moreover, they can be designed as memorial lamps in the loving memory of someone special or as decorative lights for a desk in the living-room.

Create a photo lamp

The nigh light photo lamp offers plenty of space to print one or various pictures. Your images will need to be uploaded to the online platform and resized to fit the surface of the photo lamp. Keep in mind that it is also possible to use photos from your social profiles and smartphones, as long as they have enough resolution. If the resolution happens to be too low, myphotobook's editor will display a warning message. This design can be completed with a frame, a custom background or cliparts. As for the customisable features, these personalised desk lamps offer the choice of a white or black coloured base.

Personalised desk lamps, night lights & photo gifts

Personalised lamps and night lights make unique gifts for christenings, weddings, housewarming parties and childrens birthdays. In smaller celebrations and parties, they illuminate a room with a thrilling mixture of lights and shades. Adding a powerful picture or an inspiring phrase on the outter surface will make them the most exciting photo gifts.