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  • Size: 7.3 x 3.2 x 0.5 cm (2.9 x 1.2 x 0.2")
  • Material: shiny metal
  • Choice of double-side printing or simple printing with magnetic trolley token


You're also one of those people who's constantly on the hunt for your keys? We've found the solution. Individually customisable with your favourite photos on both sides, this keyring is a fancy but useful companion for everyday life and helps you be sure that you'll find your keys faster in future. Original and practical.

Main features of our personalised keyrings:

  • Size: 7.3 x 3.2 x 0.5 cm (2.9 x 1.2 x 0.2")
  • Material: shiny metal
  • Production technique: digital printing
  • Printed area: 2.5 x 2.5 cm (0.9 x 0.9")
  • Resolution requirements: 295 x 295 pixels (preferred) 74 x 74 pixels (minimum)
Keyring with photo
Keyring with photo + trolley coin
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Personalised keyrings & how to make them

The purpose of personalised keyrings is to make keys more visible and to act as a reminder of these valuable objects that protect our home privacy and personal sphere. Despite their great value, it is not unusual to be looking for the keys of the house door or the car and end up finding them under the sofa. The more appealing the look of a keyring is, the easier it is to locate them. After all, we are constantly carrying them in our bag or pocket. That's why personalised key rings are so practical and have become so popular.

Apart from many other basic objects from our everyday life, the global trend of customisation has also hit keyrings. Personalising the keychain with photos and witty phrases is in fact only a part of it. Nowadays, we see many different types of DIY custom key rings, decorated with crochet figures, mini carabiner clips, bottle caps, teddy bears, key fobs, leather cords, turk's head knots made of paracord, random pieces of a broken toy, necklaces, earrings, buttons, feathers or even a lock of hair (e.g. as a pet memorial item).

Practically anything can be used to make your own keyring. This way, any time you take out the keys to open or lock the door, you will feel proud of your own personal creation.

Make your own photo keyrings & gifts

When making a photo keyring, it is the actual decorative piece - also known as keychain - that you can design. As opposed to bigger photo gifts, it is rare to experience resolution issues when making photo keyrings, due to the small printing surface. This means that most pictures from social networks, as for example Instagram can be used to make your own keyring.

Once you open myphotobook's online keyring maker, there are two different possibilities to create a keyring: either a double-sided keyring with one picture at each side or a single-picture keyring with a practical token for shopping trolleys. If you select the second option, anytime you visit the supermarket, there will be no need to look for £1 coins!

Personalised photo key rings can be designed as a present for variety of occasions, as for example:

  • personalised wedding keyrings,
  • promotional personalised keyrings.
  • best friend keyrings,
  • children's personalised keyrings,
  • personalised keyrings for schoolbags,
  • personalised baby keyrings,
  • personalised family keyrings,
  • personalised godparent keyrings,

Funny & cool keyrings

It is surprising to see what you can do in a small keyring by combining inspiring pictures and funny phrases. Use them to make funky keyrings such as:

Couple keyrings

In this case, a portrait picture of the two of you is a good idea. For a Valentine's Day couple keyring, you can decorate the photo with a heart-shaped frame and apply some nostalgic visual filter. Every time your partner takes out the transponder to open the car, he or she wil be reminded of some nice situation you shared together.

Personalised daddy keyring

For Father's Day or for grandpa's birthday, a personalised daddy keyring also makes a small and thoughtful gift idea.

Personalised name keyrings

If your children are a somewaht careless or forgetful about their keys, a personalised name keyring can be also be a help to them. A nice photo on one side and their initials on the other side will remind them that the keys belong to them. In this way, you can teach them to be responsible about their personal objects.

Personalised key rings and travel gift ideas

myphotobook UK offers a huge range of personalised photo gifts for travelers. Apart from personalised photo key rings, you can find interesting gift ideas, such as:

  • personalised leather wallet,
  • personalised canvas bags,
  • personalised travel mugs,
  • personalised lunchboxes,
  • personalised bookmarks,
  • personalised iPad cases.

For any questions concerning these products, please contact myphotobook's customer service.