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Personalised chocolate bars & chocolate gifts from Lindt

Personalised chocolate giftsbars and present boxes with your own photos can help you express what you may not be able to put into words. "A picture is worth a thousand words" goes the saying -  and so is a personalised chocolate bar indeed full of meaning, tenderness and sweetness. Give wings to your imagination and use your favourite pictures of family and friends to design personalised chocolate gifts, Lindt photo chocolate truffles, thank you cards or customised chocolate bars online. Delicious personalised chocolate gifts made with different Lindt chocolate sorts are a delightful surprise for anyone with a sweet tooth. Impress them with these unusual gifts: with every single bite, a taste of the best Lindt chocolate will treat your loved ones with a loving message. To create your personalised chocolate bar on myphotobook Ireland, you will have a choice of Lindt milk chocolate - with at least 30% cocoa percentage) and bittersweet chocolate (at least 52% cocoa). In contrast, photo chocolate truffles offer a mixed variety of nougat, white almond, pistachios, coffee and traditional recipes from Belgian and Swiss chocolatiers (March de Champagne, Coeur á l'Orange, Caramel Amande). Please bear in mind that small portions of hazelnuts and other types of nuts may be found in our personalised chocolate bars, boxes and photo truffles.

Sweet and personalised photo gift ideas: will you be my Valentine's?

Personalised photo gifts clearly outshine traditional gift ideas and create a long lasting impression. As for chocolate gifts, they are an exciting combination of fanciful  flavours, a message full of tenderness and a soft melting temptation. Personalised chocolate bars and truffles are in fact popular Valentine Day's gift ideas for people of all ages. After all, who can resist a gift that combines chocolate with the magic of golden memories? Prepare your love declaration for next Valentine's Day and see your beloved surrender to a real cacao delirium from the Lindt Chocolate World. Even if you have been already spent some time with your "chocoholic partner", personalised chocolate bars and gifts with photos are so much personal than simply backing the usual chocolate cake, muffins or brownies. Love is so much about fantasizing  and for this reason myphotobook has prepared a selection inspiring photo gift ideas to impress your soulmate.  How about a romantic trip or cruise to celebrate your wedding anniversary and end it with a nice and personalised travel gift made of chocolate? If you happen to guess that person's favourite chocolate sort or flavour, you are sure to nail the gift! Last but not least, don't forget that chocolate is generally said to be an aphrodisiac.

Chocolate gifts, delicious truffles and personalised chocolate bars

With myphotobook Ireland you will be able to design original chocolate gifts in only a with minutes. You can choose between:
  • Lindt photo truffles (from £6.99)
  • Lindt personalised chocolate cards from (£4.99)
  • Lindt personalised chocolate bars  (from £3.99)
As soon as you find the right picture and have decided what phrase you will use, go online and start our . Select a funky background with a design pattern for your photo truffle box. A vast catalogue of cliparts including hearts, roses and wedding themes allow you to design the ideal Valentine's Day gift. Benefit from our thematic patterns, adapt the gift box for a variety of occasions and find unusual gift ideas for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, graduations, weddings, first communions, Easter or as a Secret Santa gift. Furthermore, the fact that they're manufactured with Lindt chocolate means you are giving them one of the most popular brands for chocolate and confectionery.

Send chocolate gifts by post

An unexpected gift always creates a stronger impression. myphotobook Ireland delivers your Lindt chocolate gifts to any address withing Ireland. If you're really busy but would just like to show that person or friends that you actually think about them, sending a chocolate gift by post will make a very much appreciated gesture. Moreover, the possibility to add phrases or pieces of text lets you reestablish contact if you haven't seen them for a while. If you would like your chocolate gift to arrive around a certain date, please check our expected delivery dates. By ordering in advance, you will avoid any possible delays, especially in high-demand periods, such as Easter, Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Unusual and thoughtful personalised photo gifts

Lacking good ideas for a present is in fact something that happens to everyone at some stage. There's nothing worse than offering a present that the other person doesn't like.  Perhaps you already know how it is to get an impersonal and non-customised gift and may have felt disilusioned by it. It shows that the person had simply run out out of gift ideas. Classical gift ideas for men are socks or bow-ties, whereas women tend to get shopping bags and clothes. However, then new times demand us to be more creative when it comes to making presents. Before you make use of the classical and conservative gifts, it pays to be a bit more creative and design your own chocolate gifts online. Personalised photo gifts have become so popular in our days because they actually take into account the person's preferences, instead of just taking the first thing you have seen and assuming that the person will like it.

Christmas gift ideas for everyone

Personalised chocolate bars and boxes of truffles are also very popular during the Christmas season. Use the sweetest time of the year to develop your imaginative photo gift ideas and create unusual presents that carry a special message. Make your children, friends and relatives feel unique by adding phrases, song lyrics, cartoon heroes, names of films or places that hold a meaning for you. Congratulate them for their achievements during the year and wish them the best at school and work. Celebrate Christmas Eve and the New Year with a small but unusual and totally unexpected present. Benefit from myphotobook's vast selection of custom printed articles and design unusual and personalised gifts for your children, for you friends who just have moved to a new house (housewarming gifts) and for students and teenagers who like to have fancy phone cases.