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DIY Ideas

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Do it yourself

DIY crafts are a wonderful idea for cold and rainy days. On those long afternoons when you feel like staying at home, you can enjoy these suggestions for creative DIY ideas and crafts.

Why DIY?

Do-it-yourself arts and crafts are accessible to everyone. As the instructions can be easily found both in books and the internet, no previous experience is required. In this section we will introduce you to some lovely craft ideas for your next DIY project, which can also be carried out by beginners.

DIY Crafts

DIY Ideas for myself

Are you a big fan of photographs, bright colours and trendy stickers? If yes, myphotobook has a new hobby for you. Our new scrapbooking sets have a typical photobook flair and contain everything your need to start scrapbooking.

myphotobook's sets have something for everyone! Whether you are a beginner and want to start just pasting or a real DIY master managing the scissors, papers and more.

For beginners:

To the Scrapbook

For DIY experts:

To the Scrapbook

DIY tip:

Order a separate set of stickers for scrapbooking and decorate your personalised calendar by yourself.

Want more?

Say you are finished using your scrapbook set, but have some sheets and stickers left over. You can still continue to scrapbook! For example, how about decorating a birthday card?

DIY Ideas for your home decor

DIY wall art - personal and creativ

The right wall decor can change the atmosphere in a room in an instant.

Acrylic Glass 20x30 (direct printing)

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Forex Prints 20x30 (direct printing)

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Poster 20x30

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DIY ideas - How to sort out wall pictures

What's the easiest way to put up wall pictures?

If you want to put up a group of pictures on a wall, try first with some coloured paper sheets. You can do this by yourself following these steps:

How it works:

  1. Cut the sheets at the size of the pictures
  2. Stick them on to the wall using sticky tape
  3. Stand back and check the order and distance between the pictures. Correct if necessary
  4. Place the nails and screws at the intended spot and press them onto the wall while perforating the sheets
  5. Tear off the paper and hang up the pictures

Would you like it even easier, without having to make holes?

Our magnetic photo walls are very easy to put up and to swap around. Simply stick the provided magnets on the wall with adhesive tape. This will allow you to change their places whenever your like.

For travel lovers

Do you love travelling? Then we have a perfect craft suggestion for you. Download our template to design a poster and decorate it with retro images from each country you visit.

DIY gift ideas

Self-made items are truly charming. They make much appreciated and thoughtful gift ideas. Moreover, personalising a gift with photos turns into a unique object.

Photo book hardcover A4 landscape

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My memory®

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Two Colour Mug

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Wall Calendar A3 Portrait

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Ravensburger photo puzzles

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Breakfast board

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DIY scratchcard

Would you like to send good news and present them really nicely? With these easy setps you can transform your retro photos into a scratchcard:

  1. Write a fitting message on your retro photos
  2. Cover up the surface of the photo with sticky tape
  3. Mix 1 to 2 drops of washing-up liquid with acrylic paint
  4. Use the mixed paint to cover up the photo and let it dry (repeat if necessary)
  5. Your scratchcard will be ready!


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