Desk calendar A5 landscape

incl. VAT, plus  shipping
  • 12 pages (one for each month) and one cover page
  • Start month: January
  • Use a template or make a calendar from scratch

Desk calendar A5 landscape

Take your loved ones with you to the office with the desk calendar A5 landscape, and they will accompany you all the way through your day. 12 monthly pages and a front page full of beautiful memories can be a fantastic accessory and a useful companion for your work routine.

Main features of our personalised calendars::

  • Calendar pages: 12 month pages plus one front page, fully customisable
  • Format: landscape (21.0 x 14.8 cm, 8.3 x 5.8" approx.)
  • Resolution requirements: 1701 x 1213 pixels (preferred), 850 x 606 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 21.6 x 15.4 cm (8.3 x 5.8")
  • Material: inkjet printing paper sheets bound with a wire spiral
  • Production technique: premium digital print technology
  • Hint: obtain a classy look ordering an additional high-gloss finish for a small extra fee. Open the online calendar maker, click on "My Project" and "Options" and select "glossy paper"
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Desk calendar A5 landscape
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France €9.99 3 Days
Germany €9.99 2 Days
Italy €9.99 3 Days
Luxembourg €9.99 2 Days
Netherlands €9.99 2 Days
Spain €9.99 3 Days
Sweden €9.99 2 Days
Switzerland €26.99 2 Days
United Kingdom €9.99 3 Days
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the anticipation

An A5 desk calendar 2020 for inspiring ideas

An A5 desk calendar (5.83 x 8.27") is half the size of an A4 sheet, which is in fact the standard format used in professional and private printing works. The panoramic orientation of an A5 desk calendar makes it an interesting option for printing images that have been taken with a camera or smartphone in landscape mode. You can make a inspirational desk calendar 2020 with pictures of last year's highlights and get your whole schedule for 2020 (including appointments, special events, birthdays and anniversaries).

All personalised desk calendars are made with twelve monthly pages, bound with a wire spiral and sustained by a triangular structure in cardboard. High-quality paper for inkjet printing is used to produce the calendar sheets. The whole structure is easy to unfold, to carry it with you or to ship it.

As an original decoration for your personal desktop, this personalised desk calendar 2020 will recover for you treasured memories, powerful images, and unique events. Using the calendar design tool, it is possible to add motivational phrases and quotes for those long hours you spend in the office or working at home.

An economic & personalised desk calendar

Desk calendars can be personalised in many different ways. First of all, it is possible to pick the size that best suits the space on your desktop. Appart from this A5 wall calendar, you can create personalised desk calendars in these other shapes:

  • standard desk calendar,
  • small desk calendar,
  • triangle calendar,
  • cd desk calendar,
  • postcard calendar.

Compared to big and impressive wall calendars, personalised desk calendars are economic and inexpensive to make. Using the tool for creating a calendar (either online or offline) is free. You will only be charged for the actual product plus the delivery fee. Remember that if your order more than one desk calendar 2020, the delivery will be charged for one article only, since they will be all sent together.

Create your own desk calendar in A5 size

Regarding the photos that you use to create your own desk calendar, there is also space for creativity and experimenting. It is possible to insert a page that takes up the entire A5 size printing surface or make the image smaller to leave some room for your own comments. Of course, it is possible to include more photos on the same calendar page. In any event, it is recommended to double-check the changes in preview mode, to avoid mistakes. However, in an A5 desktop calendar you are unlikely to have resolution issues.

Before you upload the photos, make sure to save them in one single folder and go through them to find a common structure or theme. You will be more keen on using your desk calendar 2020 if the pictures have a truly personal meaning for you. Pictures of your family, children, hobbies or important occasions like a wedding are a wise choice.

Customise each page with entertaining cliparts, exciting fonts, colourful frames and matching backgrounds. Remember that when designing smaller personalised articles, more is less. Last, take time to prepare and edit the images to adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation. If you are happy with the result, place the order online and we will deliver it at your specified address.

Turn a personalised desktop calendar into a DIY gift

Using the power of your fondest memories, even a simple object like a desktop calendar can become a thoughtful gift. Personalised desk calendars are a convenient present to make at the end of the year. When Christmas is over and everybody gets back to work in January, the person who receives your present of a wall calendar 2020 won't have to bother go looking for a new calendar. Instead, he or she will think of you and recall special moments and life experiences shared with you.