Concertina fold photobook

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  • Format: 41.2 x 9 cm (16.2 x 3.5"), folded to 7 x 9 cm (2.7 x 3.5")
  • Material: inkjet printing paper with protective lamination
  • Hint: all 12 pages can be freely designed

Concertina fold photobook

Tattered photos in your purse belong to the past. Twelve of your best pictures from your last holiday, the children and the grandkids can find a safe place in this small, convenient pocket album. The concertina fold photobook is abrasion-resistant and perfectly protected from negative outside influences, thanks to its protective lacquer. This means it can be passed around between all of your girlfriends without a care, and is guaranteed to bring you long-lasting joy.

Main features of our concertina-fold photo books:

  • Size: 41.2 x 9 cm (16.2 x 3.5"), folded to 7 x 9 cm (2.7 x 3.5")
  • Material: Inkjet printing paper with protective lamination
  • Production technique: digital printing
  • Printed area: 41.2 x 9 cm (16.2 x 3.5")
  • Resolution requirements: 4866 x 1063 pixels (preferred) 1217 x 266 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: all 12 pages can be freely designed
  • Specifications: also available as a pocket calendar
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Concertina fold photobook
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Concertina fold photo book

A concertina-fold photo book is a long accordion-like sheet folded into 6 sections that are equally big. On each side, there is space for printing six pictures; counting both sides it adds up to twelve photos for displaying your fondest memories. The concertina photo book - also called Leporello or accordian photo book - has a small and manageable size that fits in pockets, bags and jackets. A protective coating makes the paper structure more resistant and diminishes the effects of moisture, dust and light exposure.

Apart from being an elegant and highly artistic idea, a concertina fold photo book is a lot lighter than a classical photobook and takes up less space. Most importantly, it can be ordered at an inexpensive price of £4.99 (really cheap!).

Accordion-like concertina books

Due to their casual look, concertina books are often used to make personalised travel gifts and souvenirs. With twelve small yet stunning pictures, you can illustrate the story of your last holidays and share them easily with anyone. Once you take it out of your wallet, fold it out and the photos will be displayed.

Even if you can normally view pictures on your own smartphone , we miss an important part of the experience of touching the pictures, picking them up, holding them in our hands and admiring them in a different light.

On a more practical basis, concertina-fold photo books make small but usefuk books of instructions, address books, calendarsmaps, song books and poem books.

How to make a concertina book

To make a concertina book you will just need twelve pictures and a few minutes to arrange them with myphotobook's design tool. Thanks to the small size of this Leporello-style photobook, you will rarely have resolution issues (which means you can also use photos from social profiles). Generally speaking, you will need a minimum resolution of 1217 x 266 pixels, but the best results are obtained with 4866 x 1063 pixels. To print the concertina photo book, we use high-quality paper sheets for digital inkjet printing.

The basic structure of the photobook is very simple. Therefore, once all pictures have been uploaded to myphotobook's online platform, you assign each of them to an area of the book template. At this point, you can experiment with different backgrounds, cliparts and frames or add descriptions and inspirational quotes. Finally, check the final result in preview mode and add your order to the shopping basket. Complete the process with your billing details, delivery address and payment method. Remember that it is possible to access the design tool from any smartphone, laptop or tablet. There are two available versions of the software: one online and a free download offline version. In the latter, you can save the projects directly on your computer. With the online design tool, it will be necessary to register on the website and create a personal session if you want to save your work.

From know on, anytime you are lacking some inspiration in your daily routine, you will unfold this fancy concertina book and enjoy your favourite pictures and fondest memories all at once.

Personalised travel gifts & photo gifts

Make beautiful personalised photo gifts for your family and loved ones: your parents, children, best friends or work colleagues. Customising a present with a personal message and true images creates a much stronger impact than a standard gift. Besides, they can be adapted to any occasion and season: whether for a wedding in spring, a family holiday in summer, a christening in autumn or Christmas Day.
All these occasions produce many beautiful images that deserve to be immortalised and shared with your loved ones.

Travel gifts have a special and casual style; they are practical and easy to carry with you everywhere you go. In case you are considering further options to make funky and personalised travel gifts, you can check these other articles from myphotobook' selection:

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For further questions related to these or other articles on myphotobook's shop, our English speaking team of specialists is happy to help you over the customer hotline.