Greater stability with high-quality paper

So that you can enjoy your poster for a long time, we pay close attention to the quality of our photo paper. So that it doesn't crease too easily, we use a thicker material for more stability. To be exact: HP photographic paper with a weight of 235g/m2. You'll notice the difference right away.

235 g/m²

Thicker paper for stable poster quality

HP printing inks for extraordinary brightness

We make your colours shine by printing on the latest HP machines with Vivera inks. These high-quality colours won't fade and are scratch-resistant.They are solvent-free, odourless, and highly light resistant. Vivera inks mean high definition and brightness that lasts.

When printing your photos, we also use light inks that offer even better resolution for your images.  With these gentle colours, the pastel and skin tones in your photos look particularly beautiful, along with other natural colours.

More than 100 formats

From the attic to basement, find the right poster format for any wall. From the 20 x 20 cm Mini Poster to the 6.00 x 1.50 m XXL, everything is possible with us. Just select your desired format. Whether you hang it, glue it or stick it to your wall, you'll be able to enjoy your poster for a long time.

Up to 6 meters

wide. How big is your room?