Children’s plate with photo

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  • Not microwave suitable
  • Material: melamine
  • Diameter: 185 mm
  • Stable form, dishwasher suitable
  • Warmth and cold-resistant, food-safe. Made in Germany

Children’s plate with photo

Eat up until your favourite picture appears! Design the robust children's plate from high-quality melamine with your coolest pictures and ensure not only well-fed kids, but also smiling faces at the dining table.

Main features of our personalised children's plates:

  • Size: 18.5 cm (7.2") diameter
  • Material: stable in form, warmth and cold resistant, food-safe, white, high-quality melamine
  • Production technique: hot foil transfer
  • Printed area: 13.0 x 13.0 cm (5.1 x 5.1")
  • Resolution requirements: 737 x 737 pixels (preferred) 369 x 369 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: washing machine-suitable, handwash recommended for longer picture durability; not microwave-suitable
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Children’s plate with photo
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Personalised childrens plates to present food nicely

Personalised children plates stimulate kid's natural phantasy and help them enjoy their meal with custom pictures printed on their personal dinner plate. These small and funky childrens plates are specially manufactured for being decorated with vivid images and engaging phrases. Especially with fuzzy eaters, it is important to find ideas for encouraging them to eat. After all, healthy food and vitamins are necessary for their growth and proper physical development.

Whether you child is a still baby, a toddler or already a primary school kid, their reaction to the images in personalised childrens plates can be often surprising.
A soup plate with a photo their favourite animal will encourage them to finish off their meal to view the complete picture.

Melamine childrens plates to personalise with pics

Cool and unusual images are the real secret of making personalised childrens plates. Comic heroescartoons, sport celebrities or entertaining pictures with funny poses and smiles can be suitable ideas to print on a kid's dinner plate. A memorable day in the zoo or a visit to your own parents house can also have created an indelible impresion on your child's mind.

These pictures will be printed onto the plate using food-safe inks and hot-foil printing techniques. As a result, your images will be reproduced with intense colours on a melamine plateMelamine is a light yet resistant manufacturing material. Although it makes personalised childrens plates dish-washer suitable, the truth is they will keep better if washed by hand. As a final note, remember not to put these dinner plates into the microwave neither heat them up to a temperature over 70 °C.

Make personalised childrens plates & dinner plates

Above all, a personalised childrens plate is unique. Even if someone would steal the pictures from you and upload them to myphotobook's editor in the same as you, a custom dinner plate would be still irreplaceable. It holds a special meaning and creates a certain complicity between you and your child.

You only need one photo to make your own plate online. Unlike our 8-inch dinner plates, in personalised childrens plates the printing area is limited to the central sector of the plate. The reason for this is that the plate is deeper, which makes it ideal for soups and salads.

Finally, add a nice contrasting frame and funny texts with artistics fonts. If there is still space left on the dinner plate, you can experiment with a different background and cliparts.

Christmas plates for children

Christmas is a time for sharing meals and long chats on the table. What better way is there to keep your kids entertained than making beautiful personalised Christmas plates?

Personalised baby plates & christening plates

Small dinner plates are a popular gift idea for newborn babies and christenings. Apart from a picture of the baby, consider adding anecdotes or interesting details, like the weight, size or the exact hour of birth. At first, these details could seem trivial, but months and years later they will make unique baby plates and personalised christening plates.

7-inch side plates

These 7-inch plates make ideal side plates for bread, butter and any type of food that you eat as a starter or snack. Decorate your side plate with a picture of your sweetheart's own drawings and make him or her feel proud!

Kids dinner set

The most practical thing to do when ordering personalised childrens plates is to buy them in a plate set. In this way, you can order a childrens plate set of more than 10 units and pay the equivalent delivery fee of one plate.

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  • personalised dinner plates,
  • photo mugs,
  • heat changing magic mugs,
  • personalised chopping board,
  • personalised lunch box,
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Photo gifts and personalised childrens gifts

No matter how you try to label them -  gifts with photos or a photos printed on gifts  - the experience of receiving self-designed photo gifts and personalised childrens gifts is simply indescribable.