Cereal Bowl

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  • Diameter: 13.2 cm / Height: 8 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 700 ml
  • Material: high-quality, white ceramic
  • Not suitable for dishwasher; for longer enjoyment of the photo print we recommend handwashing

Cereal Bowl

The early bird catches the ... muesli for breakfast! It's healthy, tasty and no matter if it's for a cosy morning at home or having a second breakfast at the office, simply and easily create your own personalised cereal bowl. Use your own photos, stylish backgrounds for all occasions or a funny quote and start the day with a smile. This way, every morning grouch will be awake in no time!

Main features of our personalised cereal bowls:

  • Size: 13.2 cm (5.2") diameter / 8 cm (3.1") height
  • Maximum capacity: 700 ml
  • Material: high-quality, white ceramic
  • Production technique: sublimation printing
  • Printed area: 15.0 x 4.3 cm (5.9 x 1.7")
  • Resolution requirements: 1772 x 508 pixels (preferred) 591 x 169 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: dishwasher suitable - handwash recommended for longer image durability
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Cereal Bowl
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Personalised cereal bowls for a healthy breakfast

Personalised cereal bowls accompany a healthy breakfast with personal images and phrases printed on the bowl. After all, a nourishing bowl of cereal with plenty of vitamins, protein and fiber tastes better when decorated with your favourite pictures. Regardless of the type of cereal you eat for your breakfast - corn, barley, wheat or muesli - with personalised cereal bowls breakfast time turns into fun time. Each spoonful of crunchy cereal flakes with milkyoghurt, fruit salad or oatmeal porridge culminates with an inspiring view.

Although these ceramic cereal bowls are dishwasher suitable, we recommend to wash them by hand to make the printed pictures last for longer. Personalised bowls with a photo of last summer holidays or your baby's cutest smile are a unique resource to start the day in your kitchen or office with new fresh energy.

Funny personalised cereal bowls

In a personalised cereal bowl, all pictures and custom texts will be printed on the outter surface, creating a long horizontal strip that goes around the entire bowl diameter. Since the size of the printing surface is 15.0 x 4.3 cm (6 x 1.7"), most smartphone captions and photos from social networks will be elegible. In any event, make sure to check the picture resolution inside the design tool.

From your pet's nicest pose to the funniest memes, there are no limits to the number of themes to make a personalised breakfast bowl. Next time you are enjoying a traditional English breakfast in the morning or a bowl of cereal before your go to bed at night, your photo cereal bowl will remind you of a funny situation or a pleasant memory.

Personalised bowls for different types of food

It goes without saying that personalised bowls can be also used for many other types of food other than cereal. They can also be used as a:

  • personalised fruit bowl,
  • personalised soup bowl,
  • personalised popcorn bowl,
  • personalised salad bowl,
  • personalised porridge bowl,
  • personalised snack bowl.

Design a personalised bowl online

If you have already decided on a picture, it will just take you a few clicks to design nice personalised bowls. Once the picture has been uploaded, you can edit it, experiment with graphic filters or add a matching background. Phrases, quotes and texts offer more interesting possibilities.

Personalised bowls with text

Song lyrics, witty messages or epic phrases from films are a great help to get over the morning laziness or survive a dull meal. Create your personalised bowls with texts like these:

  • Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.
  • I have two bowls of confidence for breakfast each morning.
  • I'll eat some breakfast, then change the world.
  • BoC - Breakfast of Champions.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.
  • Best. Cereal. Bowl. Ever.

Breakfast cereal bowls with names

Say all your workmates have a favourite bowl for having breakfast in the morning break, except for you. Design a personalised bowl with your name or initials and present it oficially as your new and fancy acquisition. If your colleagues like it, you can also order more units and offer them as a present.

Cool & fun breakfast ideas for kids

Imagination is often necessary when it comes to having breakfast with your children. If you are looking for some innovative breakfast ideas for your kids, try making a personalised breakfast bowl with inspiring images, such as cartoon characters, animals, football stars or funny unicorns. Moreover, myphotobook UK offers a great variety of customisable articles for your children's crockery and tableware, as for example:

  • personalised children's plates,
  • heat changing magic mug,
  • personalised lunch box,
  • photo mugs,
  • personalised drinking glasses,
  • personalised chopping board,

If your dog happens to get jealous, you can always design nice personalised dog feeding bowls with myphotobook's software.

Personalised photo gifts

Transform thrilling pictures, funny situations and magic memories into personalised photo gifts. Search for the images that speak to your loved ones and get them printed in beautiful and practical articles.